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Hi I'm Amanda

I am a chemical engineering student at BYU. I sing and play piano when I can. I am a boy scout. And I am a Mormon convert.

About Me

I recently graduated from high school. Growing up, I loved to be outdoors. Being involved in girl scouts and boy scouting, I would always be hiking, camping, biking, swimming, you name it! When I wasn't outside, I was inside teaching myself how to play piano and singing classical, jazz, and opera. I was heavily involved in theater at my school having been in seven productions. My favorite was doing Beauty and the Beast! I also made a point to help out my community, and still do today. I started a middle school drama club to help my area make the arts a larger priority. I am a huge nerd, as I love the avengers as well as doing my chemistry homework. Most of all though, I will do just about anything to make someone else smile.

Why I am a Mormon

I converted about a year ago to the church, but I actually had to wait a year to be baptized due to my age as a minor and my parents disapproval. Having seen many churches in my life and having been active in a few growing up, I had an idea of what Christianity stood for as well as many questions that no church could truly answer. Why was it that I did not even get to choose to be baptized? Why did we pay our clergy? Why did all this amazing stuff happen in Jesus's time, and now we have nothing but the bible to stay faithful? I couldn't say for sure that I knew God was real. Then, I went to an amazing event at my local LDS church (Mormon church). There was a fantastic Mormon pianist, Jon Schmidt, playing and speaking at this event. He said so many things that truly answered all the questions I had. Agency was introduced to me. This is where we are giving the choice from God to decide what we want for ourselves and to choose to live with Him again. He said something that struck my logical mind quite well though. He said "God has given enough to prove as well as disprove His own existence". And I just thought "Of course! How could we have faith if we had enough to prove either way?" That night, I went home and looked for an app for the Book of Mormon, downloaded it, and started reading. I wanted to know! My friend started taking me to church, I started meeting with missionaries, and decided that I wanted to be baptized by my own choice and the proper priesthood authority. Sadly, being a minor, I could not do this without parental consent. They would not let me, and therefore I waited until I was 18. My parents also kept me from going to church and seeing my Mormon friends the entire year. Due to faith and prayer, I was able to stick it out the long 11 months I would wait. I testify that the journey may be difficult and that people may judge for what your beliefs are. But I know that it is worth the strife. This church is the true restored church of Christ.

How I live my faith

Being a recent convert, I have not had to many callings in the church, but I have been able to check up on people and see how we can help them in their lives. We would go in pairs to other people and teach them different gospel principles. Then we would ask how they were doing and see if there was anything the rest of us in the ward could do to help. I love doing this, because it shows that we truly care about them and it also gives us an opportunity to serve others. No matter what, there are so many opportunities to just be with my fellow church members and help them in any way they need. At my age, we do lots of activities together such as camping, playing games, doing service projects, and much more. It is such a blessing to be a part of such a loving community of people.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

As we are mortal beings on earth, with full potential to sin, we are unclean in our mortal state. Being that our goal is to return back to our Heavenly Father, we must be atoned for so that we could be clean again, as it is said, no unclean thing can be in His presence. The atonement is part of God's plan to help us come back to His presence. The atonement itself is the act of Christ suffering our sins and dying for us that we may not have to pay the debt of our own sins. He died that we might be able to have eternal life like Him. We are asked in return to follow Him and do as he did. This means having faith in Christ, repenting of our sins, being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost in confirmation with the proper priesthood authority. Show more Show less