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Hi I'm Claire

From large, warm family/ cold country. Now have cool,warm family in hot country. Love home on the range, scriptures, art, piano,

About Me

Twin girls were born just a few days before Christmas, warmly welcomed into an already large family. One of the new babies was me. The temperatures were around thirty or forty degrees below zero. Our manger was actually a cradle which we shared. Daddy's huge barn became a wonderful playground, where baby kittens nested, pigeons in the loft, and a long rope served for a swing. Big bags of wool became horses. Many stories were created as we listened with big eyes. Below, we helped put out grain and hay at milking time. We even held the cow's tails and scraped manure. We helped carry milk to put in a ditch by the house, carried eggs in our skirts, watched men shear sheep. We were part of a hay crew. It was fun. We weren't really raised in a barn. Many lessons were learned in our parent's home. Mother worked very hard to maintain an orderly, clean home. She taught her daughters to do likewise. We learned to bake bread, sew, and play the piano. We were encouraged to enjoy good music and literature, which was an experience, not a lesson. I recall hearing the entire book of Tale Of Two Cities read aloud by one sister while we canned peaches. Early on, I developed a aptitude for art. which appears to be a gift to be shared, It has enriched my life. I enjoy being a girl, womanhood,and motherhood. My husband never imagined having nine children, but I imagined about twenty! My twin and I were married the same day. She almost met my goal! And I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

Mormon was an ancient holy prophet, whom we read of in the Book of Mormon. I am called a "Mormon" because I believe that the Book of Mormon is true. It testifies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, as does the Bible. We have been promised that we can come closer to God by abiding it's precepts than by those of any other book. That is another reason why I remain a "Mormon". The Book of Mormon contains a record of the ancient inhabitants of America, a visit from Christ,and a promise that when we have read the Book of Mormon, if we will pray "with a sincere heart, having real intent, God will manifest the truthfulness of it by the power of the Holy Ghost." I was baptized when I was eight years old, and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(Mormon Church]. Even a child of that age can recognize truth and feel the witness of the Holy Ghost. I knew then that this was right. As I grew and studied more, those same feelings have been reaffirmed and strengthened.. They come as an utterly sweet, joyful, inner warm feeling of awe and peace. It is hard to describe with words, but it is real. If you wish to feel it, just read the Book of Mormon and sincerely pray to know if it is true and you will know what I mean. ..That is another reason why I am a Mormon. The Book of Mormon was originally inscribed on gold plates and hidden up by Mormon's son, Moroni, to come forth at a later date. The Lord's promise to them was that through a remnant of the seed of Joseph of Egypt, it would come forth. In 1820,Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ and was instructed and taught from on high, how to obtain and translate the plates and given the ancient priesthood keys and authority to perform saving ordinances and to restore the Church of Jesus Christ. We are taught that Family is central to God's plan, and ordinances are performed which seal them to each other for eternity. That is another reason why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

My parents were very careful to live their religion. We knew they loved God by reverent way they prayed, They taught us to kneel by our chairs together at the breakfast table for family prayer before we ate. Our father led by calling on someone to pray. We also had a blessing on the food at meals and family prayer at night. Do I remember that? You bet! On certain occasions, our family had serious challenges, illnesses, injuries. I recall having special fasting and family prayer which helped us feel God's love and our love for each other. It was a very sacred experience, We have also done this in our home in such times. Our parents treated each other and each child with respect, kindness, [sometimes firmness], and as a result, my children like to say they have never heard their mother yell. Modesty was treated as a very serious issue when I was a girl, for both boys and girls. We all try to be modest, not only in dress, but in our behavior. Such sayings as "Cud-chewing cows and crowing hens always come to some bad end, and gum-chewing girls and crowing hens always come to some bad end". Good manners hopefully are a part of me. Treating others kindly is probably more natural because of the home I came from. I feel our own children are doing the same. I learned about sacrifice and unselfishness. Our father suffered a stroke , some of us were still young. One brother had an engineering scholarship. He returned to farm, never to return. Like a mother giving up her pie, he said that "he never really liked college anyhow". He saw, though,that the rest of us had ours. I participated in our church's Institute program doing artwork for their newsletter, taught children and served over twenty-one years in Cub Scouting, worked as young women teacher and as a leader and teacher in our church's women's organization . I try to visit other women and try to reach out to help others. My husband and I are currently serve a mission in the Philippines.