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Hi I'm Duane Sprickerhoff.

I want the world to know that I humbly and confidently know God lives. Once you truly know that, everything in your life changes.

About Me

I have a pretty amazing life. I've got a wonderful wife and three amazing sons. I'm a professional engineer and I do automated control systems for a living. It's a cool job. I have been richly blessed. I have had challenges and have carried a significant amount of hurt and pain in my life and addictions I couldn't shake. It took me 37 years to learn who God is, and to truly understand who Jesus Christ is and what his mission was all about. Once I learned that, it changed everything for me. It completely uprooted the hurt, it took away a lot of deep seated anger and pain I was carrying unnecessarily. I, for the first time in my life, was truly, amazingly free. I've heard those religious nuts say "it's all about Jesus" and now - I know - it absolutely is! I absolutely know GOD LIVES. I KNOW JESUS CHRIST LIVES. I know for a surety about the role of Jesus Christ and the purpose of His life. I love and appreciate what he has done for me personally. This is not dogma. I positively know, He lives. I love the teachings of Jesus Christ and the spiritual tutelage that comes when you ask in faith, and are willing to learn and change, and be obedient to His commandments. Your life changes - it's never the same after that. There is a common theme that runs through the scriptures which is this - when you are obedient to the commandments, the Lord will make known to you greater truths, and the more you accept, the more he shows and gives you. It's absolutely amazing.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were humble people of faith. I've been taught about God by my parents from an early age but they were largely just words. I went through the motions the majority of the time. I know that God loves us enough that he allows trials in our lives to humble us and bring us to Him. I learned of God for myself from times when I would have trials and would have no way out - and you pray because you are desperate. Then when you get what you need most of the time you go back to your old ways and forget about Him until you're in a jam again. I did that a lot. The true miracle happens when you identify our Heavenly Father's benevolent hand in your life and you start doing things for Him because you've felt his love for you. When you show appreciation for these 'tender mercies' things change. You're no longer a passive taker, you've got skin in the game. The more appreciation you show for God, and the more your life reflects that gratitude, He absolutely shows you more and truly directs your path. It becomes active between you and Him. The more you accept and do His will, the more he shows you. It's impossible to explain - you begin to see some pretty incredible things. :) Being a Mormon teaches me who I am, and encourages me to make the best choices I can make in life everyday. It provides me a solid and sure foundation and vehicle to help me to live happily on earth and guide me on a path free from many of the problems in the world. Being a Mormon means having the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and gives me guidance by following the counsel of a living prophet as well as the teachings of ancient prophets in the scriptures. These blessings not only affect me, but it extends to bless and strengthen my family and others that I come in contact with as well. We are taught that the family is an eternal unit, that families can truly be together not just for now but for eternity. It's all true. I finally get it. Every. Single. Word. "I'm a believer."

How I live my faith

I've always loved the bible and I've known of its truthfulness. A leader in my local congregation years ago inspired me and challenged me to read the scriptures, namely the Book of Mormon. He advised me to make it an integral part of my day. I accepted his challenge and looking back now, I think more at the beginning I did it to appease him. It was amazing, timely advice. In the weeks that followed I noticed, that as I read, prayed and pondered the things that I read that it was changing me. I became more perceptive to the things around me. My relationships were better with other people. I did better work. I was a better husband. I was a better father. I was a better employee. I could see what the needs were in the people around me and became cognizant as to what I could do to help and serve them better. My relationship improved with my Heavenly parents and my prayers became deep, rich and personal. I knew, truly knew that I was indeed, a son of God. Having this knowledge makes me want to serve others the best of my ability, and use my talents to lift others' burdens in any way I can. I'm good at auto mechanics so when I see people broken down on the side of the road I help them. At work I always try to help my clientele and perform the best I can - I try to explain everything I do at that level and give them the service I'd like to receive and try to be honest in all things. I offer prayer to all those I come in contact with and lighten others' burdens with the way that my Heavenly Father's talents he has blessed me with. I feel God's spirit and it guides and directs my path everyday. Every morning my prayers are directed towards Heaven and I ask "Father, what do you want me to do today? Who do you want me to help?" And I find, with all my weaknesses, flaws and insecurities, that He has a purpose and plan for me. I am content to be a simple worker, humbly labouring to do my part of His plan.