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Hi I'm Hyrum

No matter where I go I love this Gospel. I will soon be honored to serve in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

There is too much to share! I lived in Virginia for 9 yrs and lived in Utah for the rest so far. I love being a risk taker, smart about it but I love to try new things, always remembering to keep to my standards [morals] when I learn new things. I love writing stories, poetry, quotes, creating worlds and ideas with words. I love the influence and beauty that one person to have on another, how we as humans interact and can learn to love one another. I love making art, painting, drawing etc. I love music, listening to it, and singing praises to my Heavenly Father or dancing whenever I'm happy. I love to exercise, go running or biking, play sports, explore outdoors, anything with water, boating, swimming etc. I love "slowing down" opening my eyes to beautiful things, I'm very open with my experiences, I love listening and exploring the life of other people. I enjoy being down to earth, giving my time and visiting the temple. I love Imagining what the world would be like if everyone recognized Christ's Light. :) I am very religious a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka LDS, aka Mormon :) and love it. I will soon leave for my two year mission to Melbourne, Australia! I couldn't be more excited and to be honest a little nervous, but I know my Heavenly Father will watch over me always because he Loves me very much and I love him. :) My name Hyrum means "My Brother is Exalted". This is a personal testimony that my Savior, Jesus Christ loves me & wants me :)

Why I am a Mormon

"A Christ-centered life is the "H a p p y" the world desperately searches for..." This is one of many quotes that I love about Christ. This quote reminds me to always have Christ at the forefront of anything that I do, that he will always be the first thought before any action, and solution to any situation. He to me, is the never ending joy and a sweet recognition of hope and peace in anyway at the mere mention of him. I truly know that my Savior, Jesus Christ loves me unconditionally. I know I am always on his mind, and he will always want me to be with Him forever. I know that he suffered and died for me when he did the Atonement. Because of this I am forever in his debt, he has provided a way for me to be forgiven of my sins, given me consolation in my times of trial, hardship and suffering, and has given me a beautiful gift, if I be worthy to receive it, I may gain eternal life and live with my Loving Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and my family forever in their presence, in the courts of Heaven. I have a firm belief and knowledge that this is true and I hope to always be worthy of it. I strive to live my life at all moments worthy of his blessings and tender mercies. I want to always remember him and choose to keep his commandments. I know that we all make mistakes and at times feel ashamed of our mistakes and at times feel inadequate of blessings or comfort, life is hard yet Life is made easier, happier, brighter, more abundant, and complete as we Strive to keep the teachings of Christ. Constantly the blessings of Christ and our Heavenly Father are waiting for us, They love us with a love that is indescribable and unconditional. I love you reader, for taking the time to find Christ in your life, He is the "H a p p y" solution to any situation. Whenever I have felt down-trodden, alone, hurt, as if the world holds no joy...I always know I can pray and find comfort in a Savior, even Jesus Christ who will always love me, want me and bless me.

How I live my faith

I just know, Life is happy because I wake up every morning and say it is, then fall out of bed on my knees and ask it to be. He is just waiting to hear me ask, and receive. I understand a bad day is for a reason, a reason to learn something, but you can always learn something on a fantastic day too. So what do I learn today? I love to make people happy, and as many of them as I can. There is no reason or benefits in being mean. "Be kind, for you never know the battle someone is facing." Isn't God just amazing, just think of everything that was made on this earth, how beautiful and amazing it is! :) And God made it all for you! Aren't you and I lucky to have things such as this, all of our senses, our amazing bodies, the ability to learn and grow, everything in this world! No day should be a bad one, just look around you. You are surrounded by beauty and a love from your Heavenly Father that is incomprehensible and unconditional to where you are in life. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. I've always learned to let God work His miracles on his own time and we can gain more than we thought we lost. We must put our Faith first, not last. "Doubt your doubt before you doubt your Faith." Sometimes happiness may be difficult to see in times of hardship, that's when you can't rely on what you "see" at the moment but what you hope for, in things not seen, yet they are real as can be. :) No matter what God chooses to happen, I trust in Him and know that "In the end everything will be "okay", if it's not "okay" it's not the end." You must "Face the Sun [Son] and the shadows fall behind you." My faith is my life. Everyday I strive to keep my time, actions, and thoughts "worthwhile" not worthless, because I know each and everyone of us is "priceless". We are Children of a Loving Heavenly Father, and I love him with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. He is there for me constantly and I wish to always see his blessings and focus my Life on the teachings of Christ.