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Hi I'm Trevon Morris

I'm Jamaican, I am a Graphic Designer, Web Developer with a heart issue & was healed by the power of the Priesthood. I'm a mormon

About Me

I am a graphic designer and a web developer, I truly love giving inspiring talks and leaving inspiring messages on social media. I believe, people need to know God. I used to search around for God, and went to a few different churches during my life. I even tried other religions. I have studied many different religions, and I am very open minded about hidden truths and other mysteries in this world. I had given up looking for God. I stopped one night to pray and offered up my heart to God; begging him to come find me. I was in the Adventist church for years, and nothing was changing in my life. You can only tell a spiritual hungry person about the prodigal son so many times. I heard that sermon for a month I realized that these messages weren't inspired. They were more recycled among pastors from some guide given by the School of Theology. Then came the missionaries, I shared all the research I had done over the years myself. They had the same beliefs. Doctrine of the church was exactly what I believed, I attended church and was baptized within the second month. My mother passed away, and I fell away from the church for 4 years. My heart valve collapsed and I gave up on life. The light of God was dim until, I had a vision by the road side. It changed my life. I was no longer weak and pill dependent. I am now the Elder's leader and teacher of the Old Harbour Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Life is good, my family is blessed, and we love the Gospel.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon, first and foremost because this is the only church that teaches you true doctrine. This is the only gospel that is taught which compliments what I learned on my own. I have always believed that family can be together forever. The only gospel that explains that our ancestors are an important part of the plan of God. I am a Mormon, for I have the truth in it's truest form. I am a Mormon because I don't need to be angry anymore. I am a Mormon because I know that God is the same today as He was yesterday. He has left prophets to help guide a troubled world. I am a Mormon, for I know that all that I have shared I can show you in the bible. I am a Mormon because the Book of Mormon is scripture from God. I am a Mormon, for we teach of the pure atonement to free the minds of men. We must learn to forgive. I will share a personal testimony: As a child growing up, I always felt disconnected from other kids. This was due to one fact, and it was no other than that I had no father present in my life. I always felt empty, this empty feeling had no face. I had years of pent up anger. I was a miserable man, for my kids this meant walking through a field and spotting a scarecrow at night, they were terrified of me. I was always on the prowl for my next victim. I would spring up! Tear my prey to pieces, which often times were my wife’s emotions. I hated the man, so much, that I wished he was dead when I saw him that fated day I visited him, he had lost his memory due to stroke, he was now a child, he asked “Is he one of my sons?” I was livid! His wife then confirmed that I was, and he grabbed me with such intensity. I thought he was crazy! Then he held me, I could feel love to the depths of my soul. In that moment all the emptiness was filled, and running over. I repented of my sins against my own family while in his embrace. In that moment, I found God in my father’s arms in a profound way. I forgave him, and as a consequence, understood the atonement. Jesus lives

How I live my faith

In the branch that I serve, you can find me on Sundays teaching the elders, helping the youth and organizing ward events with the leader of the church. As the leader of the elders it is my job to help families grow, and in this day and age it is a challenge. With so many perversions in the world, you have to teach from a place of honest love, deep within your heart. To help someone overcome challenges is not easy, and often times unique. So one has to walk with the Spirit, and remain worthy of that guidance. I have seen many lives change over time, and they are experiencing happiness on a whole new level. I have found profound joy, in visiting members this is called home teaching. Family home evenings are a powerful meeting with my family on Monday, we invite neighbors, friends, investigators, etc. In my community the young members of the ward painted the sidewalks, for a church service initiative this was appreciated by the whole community. The church is now being embraced by the community as they can relate that they would love to feel the happiness and closeness that my family has found. Religious family ties cause many to not join, sadly. My family consists of myself, my beautiful wife, my teen daughter, and my son who were both baptized by me. I believe families are the conduit God uses to manifest Himself. We are most like Him when we glorify our roles in family. The gospel is beautiful, perfect, and simple, the fruits of it are: happiness, personal joy, family enhancement, and a wonderful connection to God. If you are an investigator or just a person browsing this message. I can testify that without a shadow of a doubt; God is your Eternal Father with a glorified body, we were made in his image. Jesus is the Creator of this world, under the direction of His father He created this world. Jesus is the Jehovah of the Old Testament, and the Holy Spirit testifies of these truths. Ignore what the world says about the church, the yoke of this gospel is light.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Trevon Morris
When all members are equal and all members help each other the love is as genuine as it gets. Divine guidance comes through the genuine need to help your brother or sister. Callings are given through Divine guidance and the whole church from the First presidency down to the small ward in a little town works the same way. Show more Show less

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Trevon Morris
All are welcomed to our church services, we also offer assistance to all. You will always be welcomed, your children will be cared for, you will be cared for and your spouse will be cared for. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon temples? What goes on in Mormon temples?

Trevon Morris
The temple is the most holiest of places, your home is the second holiest of places and the church is the holy place we get reminded to keep our homes holy so that we can be holy in order to be worthy to enter into the temple. If a door requires the strength of an Ox to open would you send someone with the strength of a calf to open it? Or would you allow the person to develop the strength of an Ox so that the door would not overwhelm that persons strength but be an easier task in order to move on to the next? So is it with the temple a newly baptized member who is learning about the gospel may not be fully ready to commit to the covenants of the temple. Why spend so much effort to only fall in the most holy happiness you can find due to some lack of faith or personal mishap you get lost. We all can accept that our minds are truly complex and easily fall into traps of depression. Hence when I get sealed to my wife it will be on to the ends of time and we have now mastered the art of arguments. Before we used to curse and the kids would get scared and we almost split 3 or so times. We allowed the gospel to guide us and the changes happened in the most unbelievable way. We now talk in debates and have eliminated the shouting, we are ready to go to the temple as we now know we can endure to the end together. We will be sealed as a family in the temple this year. One must have a testimony of the changes in your life before endeavoring to add more and fall short. Show more Show less