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Hi I'm Bill

I grew up in Nevada but now live in Ohio. I'm a husband, father, grandfather, and a retired US Air Force Officer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy white water rafting, caving, skeet shooting, travel, reading, public speaking and debate. I play the saxophone and bass clarinet and sing in a regional choir. From time to time I teach specialized U.S. history at the college level. I have lived in Germany, Portugal, Italy and Belgium and traveled from Panama to Iceland and from Korea to Oman. Aside from my wife, children and grandchildren, my greatest enjoyment comes from volunteering, mentoring and working with people.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe Jesus Christ lived, died and resurrected. I believe he is my living Savior. I believe he established His church while He was alive--and that after he was crucified He chose to have it lead by the apostles he called. I believe that church fell into apostasy as the apostles died in various places across the globe and the authority He vested in them was lost with their deaths. I believe that authority was returned to earth through Joseph Smith in the early 1800s via three of the apostles who themselves held that authority in Jesus' time. I'm satisfied that there is no struggle or emotion in anyone's life with which Jesus Christ is not already familiar. I believe he cares for each of us at the personal and individual level. I'm certain he is approachable and forgiving. I have felt His influence in my life in times of deep struggle and also great joy. l understand that, for most of us, the road to maturity and wisdom generally goes through the furnace, not the flower garden--but that it is not a road anyone needs to walk alone--and if you get stuck in the furnace--He'll help you find the garden as you turn to Him for help and follow His guidelines for life. I see, in His deliberate atoning mediation for us with the Father, the divine hand of a God who cares and understands us. I believe the observations and struggles of His mortal life's experiences were meant to provide Him with perfect understanding of our fragile and injury-prone bodies, sometimes pained and shackled minds, and often foolish choices. I understand that He can therefore relate to each of us--any of us--all of us. I know that He loves us and is eager to help us find peace, joy, assurance and happiness as we follow His commandments. That assurance gives me personal peace and motivation to make a difference for good in my life and interactions with the people I love most and those I meet along the way.

How I live my faith

At church, I presently teach teenage youth and assist individuals and couples with preparing personal budgets and getting out of debt. I have served several times as a counsellor to our local congregational leader, the Bishop. When the issue is important to me, I enjoy attending local City Council meetings and taking a stand on governmental matters. I have volunteered in disaster relief operations after natural disasters near where I live. I donate time to Eagle Scout projects and local community improvement activities like park beautification. I voluntarily assist others in family and personal crisis resolution counseling where I work.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

I do--and I believe he is as important to the world situation today as Moses was to the situation of the Israelites in his time. I believe God cares as much about people today as he did those of Moses' time. As social evolution changes the fabric and interactions of nations and people with each other--as unfortunate things happen to good people and immorality and violence grow across the globe--I find it reassuring to know God speaks to and through someone and that the message is still one of hope, principled living and faith amid growing crises around the world. As human ethical issues like abortion, genetic engineering and euthanasia or social behaviors like single parent households and same gender attraction arise, I'm comforted to know that God doesn't have us fend solely for ourselves, but that He provides counsel and direction for a safe course through modern situations and dilemmas by calling a prophet with whom He has interaction and who shares His counsel with all who choose to listen. Show more Show less