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Hi I'm Craig Roundy

I am average. I am nothing, but through my Lord and Savior I have found meaning and purpose. I know who I am. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Hi! My name is Craig Roundy, and I love being happy. I don't like eating mushrooms or deli meat, but I love just about everything else. Not just food either(i-ther), I love to try out new things. Sports, Singing, Dancing, Reading, Farming(although I'm terrible at that), Construction, and yes, even long boring Math tests, which I actually enjoy. In high school, I actually got to take a trip to Kansas City to take a two hour long math test. I loved it! I've found that the only time I enjoy looking in the mirror is with a smile. In my family I'm the youngest of eleven, and, yes, I am the baby of the family. It's strange being the last. I received the title of ''FedEx child'', because out of eleven, I was the only red headed, left handed one. I like to run for fun. The running is never fun, but the stopping afterwards feels really nice, and also I don't have any qualms about eating ice cream! I used to have "goals" of becoming a "Professional Olympic Soccer Player"(I had goals,get it?), but those elementary school days are over. I have not, however, lost my ambition to not only reach for the stars, but to grab them, and put them in my pocket. Just like Peter Pan, my most sincere desire is to never grow old. Even if I do leave the pharmacy with a cane and a bag of prescriptions, I want to smile, learn, and grow forever.:):):):)

Why I am a Mormon

I used to be(and sometimes still am) the sad child that no one wanted to talk to, because it was just too awkward. Imagine talking to someone who only stared at the floor and secretly judged everything around him. That's me! I'm arrogant and stupid by nature. I try so hard for revenge and what I want if I'm ever unchecked. In essence, I'm human just like you. My story is average, about an average kid who did average things. The only key difference between myself and the world is I've been a Mormon since I was eight, even if I didn't always want to be. Strangely, now that I'm older, I AM different than almost everyone. Why? Because of what I know to be true. I know that I must protect myself in order to find true LASTING happiness. I know pain and sorrow, anger and frustration, ignorance and confusion, lust and desire. Do not underestimate what I've been through simply because I can smile about it, but know that I can smile because I've gone through it. I know my Savior's love ,because of what I've done. My trails are not lifted, but I am strengthened through his love and grace. I can endure all things with Him by my side. My name is Craig Roundy, and I am a Mormon because I need to be. I want to be happy.

How I live my faith

My life is simple. I try to help others, because I know I would not have made good choices without them. I keep a basic formula close to me to help me out in the lazy spots of my life. I still have so much to learn and I'll never stop learning by this recipe. "It's so simple even a cave man can do it!" This is a wonderful cycle between faith, blessings, and happiness. You start by showing faith in God. You can pray, read the Book of Mormon or Scriptures of any kind, perform selfless service, ect. Then, in time, not our time, but God's, we are blessed by him. Most people think that it ends here, but there is more. See, if we get a blessing from God, whether it be physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional, God would expect us to do what? SHARE IT:) It's just like the parable of the talents, only we're dealing with blessings instead. Do not bury it or keep it to yourself. Unfortunately, if you do, you will loose it. You have to show love for God's children and loose yourself in the work. After you've shared it, then, guess what?! Happiness! And look, an increase of faith that follows. Presto! the cycle is complete and you're ready to start again with an increase of faith. This is my recipe of happiness. This is the way I TRY to live. It takes time, focus, devotion, and a big heart full of love. You should try it, but be patient and ever careful. It's God's way, not ours, so it is going to be hard. Good Luck!