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Hi I'm Robert!

I am a husband, father, Psychiatrist. My happiness, peace, and hope began when I discovered my true identity. I am a Mormon.

About Me

My priorities in life are my RELIGION, my FAMILY, and my PROFESSION as a medical doctor and Psychiatrist. My membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was truly a life-changing event, and I will be forever grateful to the wonderful lady missionaries who taught me the Gospel and how to confirm the truth of it for myself. That happened many years ago when I was a young man. And now, 40+ years later, I rejoice daily in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It brings purpose and joy into my life. It gives me comfort and strength in times of discouragement. It helps me gain insight into and appreciation for God's great creations, and my relationship to him. As a child, I grew up in Virginia, one of 6 children in my family. I was shy and socially awkward. At age 13, I entered a seminary to prepare to be a Catholic priest. I excelled in track, acted in plays, and gained confidence. However, I felt panicked over "serious" public speaking. I continued seminary at college, but felt overwhelmed by fear and was unable to study. I dropped out of school, worked for a year at a grocery store, then attended a university for 2 years, joined the Air Force, got married, worked at a bank. Marital problems drove me to my knees to ask God for help. An opportunity arose for me to conquer my public speaking phobia, and I took it. Thereafter, I enjoyed public speaking! The following week, God directed the missionaries to my apartment, and I recognized that as an answer to my prayers!

Why I am a Mormon

My commitment to the Catholic religion, in which I was raised, was strong and important to me, so I was not looking for or wanting to join another church. In the context of SERIOUS marital problems, I repeatedly asked God what is his will for me, what does he want me to do. Whatever he revealed (IF he would reveal his will to me), I promised to do. I doubt that I would have been so humble and teachable, or so open to consider other options, if I had not been experiencing drastic problems which were not easily solved. As it turned out, the first direction which I received from God was to consider volunteering to read the epistle during noon Mass at a local cathedral. I did so, and the priest agreed. I read the epistle the first day. It was terrifying, but I felt motivated, and there were only 4 or 5 other people in the church! The next day, and day by day, I felt more confident. By the 5th day (Friday), I rejoiced in my new-found love of public speaking! The second direction from God occurred a few days later, about 5 PM after I returned home from work. I answered a knock at my door. Two young women, looking cheerful and enthusiastic, introduced themselves by name, stating they are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and asking me if they could share a brief message with me. I remember, as I was about to close the door with a not-too-polite refusal (after all, I was a staunch Catholic), I FELT a twinge of emotion when I thought of the name "JESUS CHRIST" which they spoke. Could this be part of the answer to my prayer? I dare not turn them away if God sent them to me! Weeks later, and much to my surprise, I received a POWERFUL spiritual/physical confirmation that The Book of Mormon is true Scripture from God! All my skepticism, all my traditions, all my expectations were swept away in one glorious, dynamic, unforgettable REVELATION from God that indeed the Book of Mormon is his scriptures to us, written by his prophets!

How I live my faith

Daily I seek God, who is my Heavenly Father, in prayer. He has sent me and each of us to this earth, with important responsibilities and opportunities. He is constantly available to us through his Holy Spirit, through whom I communicate with him. My prayers to him are simple and honest. I tell him how I am feeling. I ask him for strength and guidance. I thank him for the blessings he gives me. Sometimes when I pray, I start feeling warm, joyful, choked up, and tearful. I have come to understand that these physical and emotional reactions are a result of the influence of the Holy Ghost, which draws me closer spiritually to my Heavenly Father. The Scriptures have become a vital part of my efforts to maintain spiritual strength while learning more and more what God has revealed through his prophets, and how he deals with, instructs, teaches, reprimands, forgives, heals, encourages us his children. Yes, I have come to understand that we are indeed the offspring of God. We are his spirit children. He is the literal Father of our spirit bodies, which existed before our physical bodies were created by our earthly parents under God's great plan. One of my favorite routines, while I'm driving to work or doing house work or raking leaves, is to listen to audio scriptures or spiritual talks. I consider these media as spiritual food, or living water, which activates and inspires my spirit and mind to contemplate the Gospel in its many beautiful and enriching facets. Scriptures teach me of Jesus Christ, the Savior. They are a record of his life and teachings through his prophets. Opportunities to serve in various callings or assignments in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the "Mormons") have been offered to me (and enthusiastically accepted!) over the years. What happiness, challenges, growth, and blessings have come to me through these callings! We have no "paid" ministry, but when we minister, we are richly compensated in spiritual blessings!