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Hi I'm Sarai

I was born in California, raised in Utah. I love people. I love being happy and making people smile. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

There are seven members in my family and I love every single one of them very much. Both my parents were born in Mexico, and I was born in California, moved to Utah when I was 9. I think that's probably the best decision my parents could have made because I love it here. I'm the oldest out of 4 children. Two brothers one sister, mom, dad, and of course my adorable dog who I still consider a puppy even though he's three. I recently finished my first year of college at Utah State University this past spring and I absolutely loved it. It was a time in my life of growing and developing a better me. I have been called to serve as a missionary in the Milan, Italy Mission and I cannot even wait to get out there and teach people of this amazing gospel. One of the things I love most is getting to know people. I love love learning about different cultures, traditions, backgrounds and making people feel comfortable to be themselves around me, and others for that matter. Music is huge in my life, discovering new music, watching others perform or just enjoying it for the sake of it, it's a good escape for me. I also really enjoy cooking. I'd like to think I have somewhat of a talent at it, (I only burn things sometimes). My favorite's Italian food. How can you not love pasta and cheese and bread?! I try to make every day a learning experience and hope to make a difference, weather it's in my life or somebody else's.

Why I am a Mormon

Because of the values that I was taught as a child, I was able to be prepared to make the right decisions when tough situations and circumstances that could have hurt me or damaged me and my spirit came. That being said, I have made mistakes and have learned from them. I've learned of the great love that my savior Jesus Christ has for us and his everlasting atonement. He is my best friend.I know that we can be forgiven for our mistakes through him because he knows everything that we have gone through.He has gone through it as well. He knows us and understands us. I know that our father in heaven is there and listens to us. There have been many times in my life where I have doubted my faith and have asked my self if it really is all true. I can say for myself that if you ask with a truly sincere heart, really wanting to know the truth, you will receive and answer, I know I have. The gospel makes it possible for me to be able to with my family for ever. And that is something that is priceless because it's the people I most love. Not only can I be with my current family for ever but as well as my future family that I will one day form. This gospel is what brings the most happiness to my life because of the person it has helped me become and because of the person it encourages me to be everyday. I know that this gospel is what is right. I know that it's the truth and I know that our Savior and Heavenly Father live and love us so much and want us to return to them. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Ever since I can remember, I loved my church and this gospel. It brings so much happiness to my life and so much freedom. It might sound ironic since most know that there are many guidelines and standards by which LDS members live by. Because of these standards however, I have learned to discover my self and things I can truly accomplish by me. I've learned to be a leader as I have served in my ward as President, first counselor and secretary in my youth groups. I've been able to serve in assisting my fellow sisters by looking out for their needs and making sure that they know someone is there for them. Apart from serving in those callings I've also been blessed to participate in choirs both when I was home in my stake, as well when I was away from home in college, and being to sing to many people around the world (via broadcast). Living your faith doesn't just mean going to church every Sunday and reading your scriptures. Believing is only the first part, acting upon it is what really counts. At least that's how I see it. I try to live by my faith and strive to do better everyday.