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Hi I'm Elder Alldredge

I grew up in Utah. I am a chef-in-training. I am a cancer survivor. I am an Eagle Scout. I am a Missionary. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love the arts. I believe greatly in that humanity has two sides. one side being destructive, unruly, ignorant and selfish. While the other side is creative, artistic, imaginative, unselfish. So building off of that I love music for about 7 years I played tuba in band. And I learned how to make my own music. I also love technology. I took 2 semesters of technology and was a teacher aide for a technology class, I was a stage tech veteran for about 3 years. And I love to cook. I have been trained in the culinary arts for two years. I like history and love reading. I also love movies and think that it's a big part of our culture as part of being an American.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to goodly parents. I was then raised with the gospel in our home. Which was to my benefit as well as to my two older sister's and my older brother. I got into sports and running, but I had to have corrective knee surgery when I was 14 in order to stay active. I had survived middle school with it's cruel kids who would taunt and bully. Nevertheless I had rose above their unfounded criticisms. Because I knew that undeniable truth the gospel teaches. That I am a child of God. And I am precious and valuable in his eyes. We all are. I was 17 when I was first diagnosed with cancer. It was the beginning of my Junior year in High School That I had my first surgery. It wasn't until 6 months later that they had discovered that it had spread and metastasized to my abdomen. And it couldn't wait for the school year to end. I had begun my 3 rounds of chemotherapy without any time in-between to recuperate. When I was going through Chemo-treatments I witnessed my body deteriorate. My skin turned to paper, my strength had left me, my energy was gone, my hair fell out. I had one foot in the grave. And yet throughout that experience. Without a shred of doubt I could still feel the very thing that makes me a person. It was unique, lively, It was my soul. And As I continued to read the scriptures and pray to my heavenly Father. I could feel myself become comforted, strengthened, and my testimony grow ever much more. I have no doubt that it was because I was Mormon that I made it through that experience as well as I did. Having grown up in the church and then having attended other churches I saw that other churches were missing things like important pieces of a puzzle or ingredients in a recipe.

How I live my faith

I was an 11 year old Scout instructor helping young men learn how to become men. I had recently become an Eagle scout myself. Now I serve as a full-time missionary in the California San Jose Mission. I live my faith with the knowledge that we are all sons and daughters of our heavenly Father. And that god is no respecter of persons. For each of our souls are of great worth to our Father in heaven. I live my faith by reading the scriptures and pondering them to understand the messages that they hold. By looking to help and strengthen others in life. I receive joy and happiness in knowing that I help others and by so doing I help make this world a better place. This religion, or this lifestyle known as being Mormon isn't about being stagnant. It's about progression and working to be better in all areas of life. So that we can be happy just as our heavenly Father wants for us. It continually pushes me to grow. To look outward, to others needs. To be charitable, loving, Honest and in doing good to all men. Being a missionary I get to help others. I have literally been told "this is why you are missionaries (my companion and I) you guys go out and solve people's problems and improve people's lives." I am so grateful to serve as a missionary. By helping better the world, one person at a time.