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Hi I'm Steve

I grew up in Kentucky (mostly), joined the United States Military, found the Church much later than I should've. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a Parachute Rigger (that means I jump out of planes and sew) in the United States Army. I've held down jobs from being a professional dishwasher all the way to being a firearms instructor. I intend to return to school and pursue a degree in Business Management with a focus on entrepreneurship and Accounting. (No one grows up wanting to be an accountant, I am aware of this.) Mostly, I am a roving hobbyist. I pick up skills as often as I can. I learned woodworking early on (age 7'ish) and have never stopped learning. Minor electric, plumbing, clockworks, metallurgy, glass (this one is my newest enticement). I have played tabletop strategy games more than I care to admit and spent more money on something as time consuming as a full time job than I ever should have. I paint and mold plastic miniatures by hand and have won a few awards for my work. Languages are my greatest interest. I took a focus of Latin, Thai and Mandarin Chinese in High School. I have since worked on Russian and made many studies into etymology and linguistics with the English language. (Etymology is the study of words/ Entomology is the study of ants just in case there was some confusion.)

Why I am a Mormon

I was drowning. Not, quite literally (but almost), in grief, anger, and the wonderful (cough-sarcasm-cough) world of alcohol. So much so, that the military even started a process to help me with what they were concerned was a substance abuse program. I had no desire to leave the one thing that I felt gave me peace from my life as it was. (When I say I was an alcoholic I mean it. I have receipts to prove it.) I was very close to checking out of Motel Earth, and taking a drive to somewhere In-Between. Fortunately, I had recently flirted with a girl at a Zoo who just happened to be a Sister Missionary...oops...and even though she didn't call back (and I don't blame her) some Elders did (lucky me). My first lesson involved me opening my door drink in one hand, loaded pistol in the other. (Got to give it to Missionaries, they do possess a strength of character most do not.) At the end of it they invited me to General Conference, where I attended 3 out of four sessions and drank my way through the first two. By the end of the third I had no desire for a drink that day in the first time in months. That caught my attention. I continued investigating, I am still investigating (albeit, I do so as a Member now) and I mess up from time to time, but I am getting better. I'm a Mormon for the simple reason that if it were not for Heavenly Father's direct intervention (I use that word for the pun) in my life, I would not have life. Well, I would not have a life as worth living. I have peace for the first real time in as long as I can remember. I have hope. I have Faith. I have a Heavenly Father who care(s/d) and took the time to show it.

How I live my faith

I am still very young in my Faith, but that does not deter my drive for growth. I have been granted the opportunity to serve as the Young Men's Secretary in my Ward and it is a challenge I eagerly accept. I am constantly working on improving my Faith, and in congruence myself. I look for more and more ways to keep the path and stay the course as daily challenges come my way. Some are routine, some unorthodox; yet, I have the greatest shoulder to lean on (even if I sometimes feel unworthy of the lift). Faith is what drives me to get up in the mornings and do what I must do, because without His (Heavenly Father's) plan, I'd have no need to concern myself with much of what I do.