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Hi I'm Andie

I'm a student. I love going on adventures from rock climbing to going on dates. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a college student. I want to go into Occupational Therapy. I enjoy working with people and I want to help people. I played soccer since I was just a little kid. I don't play in a league anymore, but it's still one of my biggest passions. Soccer isn't the only sport I like, I'll pretty much play any sport. I love being outside. My family and I have always gone camping, motorcycling, hiking, and sorts of stuff like that. Lately my new thing is rock climbing. The challenge of looking at a sheet of rock and thinking there's no way you can make it to the top. Then you make it to the top, your hands are cramping and your legs are scraped up, but you made it. I also enjoy playing the piano. I get horrible stage fright though, so I don't play in front of people too often. That is something I'm trying to work on. I believe that no matter what is going on in our lives there is always something to be happy about. Some days I just have to thank Heavenly Father that I have one more day to try and make a difference. I love my religion. I know I have a purpose, and that Heavenly Father loves everyone of His children. He wants all of us back to live with him for Eternity. And that's why he sent his Son Jesus Christ. And for these simple facts, I am forever grateful.

Why I am a Mormon

All of my immediate family are member of the LDS church. In my teenage years I wasn't sure that I wanted to be part of the Mormon church anymore. I went to church on Sunday physically, but mentally and spiritually I wasn't there. This went on for about a year. Then some events took place that I never thought would happen. Looking back now I think it's ridiculous how badly I handled the situation. Anyways, I was really down in the dumps. I stopped eating, and was very depressed. After several months of this I was desperate for something to change. One night I was laying in my bed, and the thought came into my head to pray to my Heavenly Father and ask Him to help bear my burdens that I was carrying. I got down on my knees and said a simple prayer to my Heavenly Father. As I knelt there, my eyes filled with tears, I couldn't even speak. So I just said the prayer in my mind, but I know He heard me. After I finished my prayer I got in my bed fell asleep and woke up the next morning and decided to change my life. I know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers. He loves us, and wants so desperately for us to return to Him. Jesus Christ is our older brother. He atoned for our sins because He loves us. I know that there is always a reason to be happy. The gospel of Jesus Christ gives me purpose and happiness. I know that Heavenly Father wants for us to our best and what we can't do He will help us through Jesus Christ. I don't know and understand everything, but I know enough, and the rest is made up by Jesus Christ. I know all of these things to be true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being an example. I try to always be happy. Being a kind person can go much farther than you'd think. I have served in many calling throughout my life, but being kind is something we can all do whether we're religious or not. I love music. Music is a very powerful force on us for better or for worse. I enjoy finding a song or artist that uplifts my spirit. Wholesome music doesn't have to be religious music, while that has it's place. My whole life I have lived in Utah, so it was easy to live my standards. I recently spent 4 months in New Jersey. This experience has taught me that the simple things I do every day can have the biggest impact on me. Reading my scriptures everyday and saying my prayers got me through those tough months away from my family. As I rely on and apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ I know I can accomplish hard things. This life will never be easy, and there will always be bumpy days. But I know that I have more in store for me than what I can comprehend in this life.