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Hi I'm David

I was born in Utah and have also lived in Iowa and Wisconsin. I am learning Spanish and going on a mission to Mexico. I'm a Mormon

About Me

Hello, I was born in Salt Lake City Utah. One of my brothers and my only sister were born here. I spent most of this time of my youth spending time playing with my cousins. I was outnumbered they were all girls haha. When I was eight my family moved to Iowa and I lived there for two years. Here my other brother, and favorite little man in the world, was born. After that I moved to Wisconsin. There I spent six years that greatly changed my life. I grew in my understanding of many things academic and spiritual. I gained many friends of many different faiths many of whom I still consider to be my best friends today. I switched from playing soccer, to what became my sport, running track and cross country. I ran and still run to release stress (doesn't always work), challenge myself, be part of a team, and become closer to my friends. During this time I feel I really developed as a person. From Wisconsin I moved to a different part of Utah. Here I finished my high school. I keep running even though I ran into some issues with my respiratory system (pardon my accidental pun haha). It was here I also changed my life and became converted to my faith I am currently going a mission to northern Mexico. After my mission I will attend Brigham Young University probably studying Conservation Biology.

Why I am a Mormon

There are many reasons Im a Mormon. Although I have grown up in a family that is Mormon that is not why I am Mormon. While I lived in Wisconsin I started to drift away from the commandments of God. Needless to say during this time I rarely if ever felt the presence of the spirit. I went to the church, I did my duty, I knew the gospel, but I didnt have much of a testimony of the church. I never lost my testimony of Christ, but I was lost as to whether or not I truly believed in The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. I had pretty big doubts about a few of the teachings and the Book of Mormon. When I moved to Utah I made big changes to my life. I wanted to try and be a better person. The type of person who would be considered a disciple of Christ. As I started to do better at doing the things I knew the scriptures said I should and worked hard to not do anything I shouldnt I began to feel the spirit again in my life. With the help of God and those around me I became a better person. I prayed earnestly for God's help and guidance and he gave it. During my last year of high school I read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. This was a time when many of my doubts as to whether Mormonism was actually correct started to flourish. It was also I time when I was doing more than ever to follow the commandments of God.The week I finished the Book of Mormon was also the week I was preparing to turn in my mission papers. It was a crazy busy week for me and yet everything seemed to go right. Even though I had my doubts, every thing just felt good. I felt more alive. I knew though that there was no way I was going to go on a mission and tell people that the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was true unless I knew it for my self. I dont lie. After I finished the Book of Mormon I prayed one of many prayers to know that if it was true. I testify that I received an undeniable witness in an overpowering, yet still and small voice that it is true.

How I live my faith

I really live my life trying to help others. I try to help others when I see a need or they ask. If someone asks of my help I feel it is a rare occurrence that I don't reach out and lend a hand. I share the gospel when it feels write because I believe very strongly that it helps others peoples lives. I know it is the path to happiness. It does mean good news after all. I do what I can to be an example of the believers in all I do, think, and say. Its the reason I am writing this. I hope that this little bit I write can impact someone else's life for good. I know that Christ has mine. I live my faith by following God's commandments. I show my faith through service to others.