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Hi I'm Tim

I'm a blissful Husband, a quiet Father of 5 spirited boys, and a Healthcare executive. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My ancestry are converts to the restored gospel from England and Scotland, and I grew up in the heart of the gospel during the sixties and seventies. I'm the youngest child of six and the fifth son. My childhood home was filled with love and joy. At the age of 13 I moved with my parents to California while they served as Mission President. I struggled with intense loneliness that first year, but when I left to come home three years later, I had bonded forever with some tremendously influential friends. I also became an ardent fan of the LA Dodgers. I served a mission to Brazil and later enrolled at the University of Utah where I graduated with a degree in Accounting. I met my eternal companion at work, and three years later (after much persistence) she finally consented to marry me. We left Utah to pursue a MBA at Boston University and soon I found myself right back in my previous California location to begin my career in healthcare management. Two of our five sons were born to us there and then we returned to Utah to be with family. Within three years of our return we lost both my father-in-law and my mother to cancer. The addition of three more boys completed our basketball team and mission training center. I look forward to expanding our eternal circle with daughters-in-law and hopefully tons of grand babies. I enjoy reading, hiking, vacations with sunshine, writing to my missionary sons and attending their many activities.

Why I am a Mormon

My testimony burst upon me at age 15. I was with my California youth group attending a General Conference in Salt Lake. Sunday night after conference and before returning we held a testimony meeting. My heart was full. Overcoming my natural shyness, I stood to express my feelings. I knew it was true! The fullness of the gospel is restored and the authority to act in God's stead is on the earth. Though I have the occasional perplexing doctrinal question, I've never doubted since that day. I can always look at that moment and know of that reality again. The miracle is that I wasn't really specifically seeking my own personal testimony. I was just trying to be obedient to what I was taught, and the gift of faith was given to me. What a blessing! Christians of other denominations might say that I was "born again" and that I "received Christ" on that occasion. I believe that would be an accurate description. Knowing that there is a Prophet and Apostles that will not lead me astray is incredibly comforting! I can receive God's will, along with His love and peace, as I cling to the words of His servants both living and dead. With much study and prayer, I know the Book of Mormon is inspired scripture and that it is harmonious with the truths in the Holy Bible. It is true that I am a Mormon following after the traditions and legacy of my multi-generational family heritage. However, my personal witness is born directly from the Holy Ghost and my knowledge is that I am God's son. My royal inheritance is, with my elder brother Jesus Christ, to be joint-heirs in receiving all that the Father has. I give thanks for the power of the atonement that my Savior has provided me, which allows me to be resurrected and to be sanctified for service in His kingdom, worlds without end!

How I live my faith

Primarily I try to love as He loved and to serve as He served. It has been my opportunity and blessing to live in several different cultures and to experience many of the best things of this life. I have learned to be accepting of others and their different viewpoints. I celebrate diversity of thought and faith, but I am also grounded in the principles of the Gospel. I, of myself, am nothing. Therefore, I can learn from all perspectives. I believe that we should strive to adhere to the revealed commandments with strict obedience while accepting others and their level of chosen obedience and progress. When He invites us to "serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength" and to "seek ye first the kingdom of heaven" it doesn't mean just for two years. It is a lifetime commitment. I strive to consecrate all that I have to building up the kingdom of God here on earth. He gave all that we have to us for this very purpose. I often fall short. I need the daily reminders of the scriptures and prayer. I am very dependent on the sacrament. I wish I could be more mindful of others and be more purposeful in organizing my downtime. Yet I receive so much joy when I serve and I know I that don't have to carry the burden of this life. Jesus Christ makes it possible for me to constantly move forward with renewed conviction of heart and a continuous desire for improvement.