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Hi I'm Abbey

I love denim dresses and my goldfish have been alive for eight years. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have always had dreams of being a dolphin trainer and working in a bakery and so far neither of those have come true but I do know they can come true because I've been to Hawaii. And those things exist there. Just being in Hawaii makes you take a deep breath and release every bad thought that has ever thought to cross your mind. I found new hobbies and loves when I went to school for a little while. I picked up coconut basketball, pig/boar wrangling, even quidditch and as unoriginal as it is, surfing as well. I've got a small infatuation with yard sales and thrift stores and handmade soap and Subaru's. Life is good and nature is one the greatest gifts.

Why I am a Mormon

Actually being apart of this church gives me this funny feeling like the one that I get after I finish one of my favorite books. The Book of Mormon is one of them but besides that one. It's that magical feeling that you get when you near the end of that book you've read more than eight times and you know the last paragraph by heart and all you can feel in your chest as you read is a strange humming that is just singing for joy because this book exists and this page with the ink on it forming words and telling you the best story is in your hands. Unless you like scary books. They get me spooked. But going to church on Sunday, seeing my neighbors in their church finery in all its forms (I'm a thrifty dresser so mostly denim for me) but seeing everyone about me with this picture of pure delight as if they just bit into a piece of pear pie resting on their faces. It's like being in those last thirty pages of the book where it's being resolved, where life is coming to peace, where the magic is really settling in. That's how I feel when I live my faith, I just love everybody. I get this whole world in my heart and it just spins slowly and fills me with love as I love it back. It's definitely a gospel of love. It's all for love, this is a church of love and I probably would love you if I met you. Love, isn't it just right? That's what being a Mormon means to me, I suppose.

How I live my faith

I've just been under eighteen up to this point and so all I had experienced in the realm of callings was: counselor to beehive president, mother's room clean up duty and play one song on the piano with one finger for the opening hymn in class. Those kind of callings. But even if they were less than glorious, except for the cleaning up the diaper trash can in the mother's lounge now that job was glamorous, they always filled me up from head to toe just simple bliss. Like the joy you get from lemonade popsicles and warm fires and skiing. It wasn't being a president, I didn't change the church with left pinky but I did feel like I did a little and I did it my best and I got to feel the pumped up joy from that. It's fun having a calling in a ward it's like being an apprentice in a village or just working on one minor part of the village because each part is essential and you do your part and the village thrives. I just love the unity it brings. Even passing out hymnbooks before a meeting. It makes you feel there and gives you that chance to give back to those who already do so much for you. It's service, we love our service.