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Hi I'm Isaac

I grew up in Phoenix, AZ. I am a Ceramicist, Cook, & Baker. I play Piano & Guitar. I Imagine. I run Cross Country & I am a Mormon.

About Me

I Have a strong passion towards nature and life itself. I constantly take pictures of the clouds, the sun, forests, natures mysteries. I Love the sky, the earth, and the stars. Without them my life would loose the shine that it has acquired through out my experiences with them. My love for creation has led me to a love in the world of Ceramics. I first discovered this love my Sophomore year of high school. Through ceramics I have learned that a ceramics piece is not created, it is discovered and set free. My Ceramics pieces, although my designs, have become their own creations. I learned that "You cannot fight the clay, you can only compromise with it" and through the many compromises I have made with the clay I have been able to create what I intended to create but I have also helped the clay release what it had trapped inside, a work of art. I do not fancy sports much but one sport has caught my attention, this sport is Cross Country. I was introduced to Cross Country my Freshman year of high school by a Senior in high school from my home ward. At first I wasn't very sure if I'd do very well because I have Asthma and I thought it would get in the way and stop my improvement in this sport. To my surprise my Asthma didn't bother me one bit, I began improving in this sport to the point where I acquired good health and am able to run for 3 miles in the Arizona heat non stop. So, all in all, I have discovered a lot in my life and I would never think of changing a single thing.

Why I am a Mormon

I've been a member my entire life but my conversion didn't occur until I was a Sophomore in High School. What pulled me in & caused me to have a true conversion was missionary work. My Sophomore year is when I started taking part in missionary visits with my ward missionaries. This occurred thanks to a close friend, not LDS. The missionaries asked to visiting some of my friends, I didn't really know who would listen so I decided to choose a friend whom I had already spoken to a bit about church. A Couple days later I asked my friend if she would like to meet two of my friends from church. I explained that they were missionaries & that they had a message to share. We went to my friends house & talked to her family. They listened & liked what we shared with them. They asked us to come again some time & we started visiting them often. We Passed by several times a week & kept urging them to pray about what we were telling them & to ask God if what we were saying is true. Several two months & then my friends mom got baptized. She was overjoyed that the missionaries had taken the time to teach her & her family. Later on my friend got baptized, I was overjoyed to hear the news. The missionaries whom had first visited her had been transferred to a different area by then but we were able to get a hold of them & tell them of the wonderful news. My friends brother & his wife later started hearing the missionaries & were later also baptized into the church. They had been referenced by my friend to the missionaries & they were greatly thankful to her for asking the missionaries to stop by. So, why this particular event, well in full honesty during our visits to her house I'd listen to the missionaries & many things they asked my friend & her family to do I noticed that I hadn't done, like pray about what they are saying & read The Book of Mormon. I decided to put these things in practice & began my conversion with my friend & became fully converted very near to when she did.

How I live my faith

I have served a mission an returned with great learning and experience. It has been my childhood dream to serve one & to be given countless opportunities to bring happiness to all. My calling was to serve in the Puerto Rico Mission. I was there for two years serving the local community, LDS & Non-LDS. My purpose was to call all unto Christ and teach them about the restoration of the gospel. In my home ward I go out with the Ward Missionaries on visits. I have learned a lot from them and they have told me that they have learned a few things from me. I have experienced the opportunity to share my testimony and bear record of the truth that if found in The Book of Mormon. All of these experiences with the missionaries have helped me become better prepared to share the gosple with those I love. I have witnessed the many joys that missionary work brings to everyone whom allows it to enter. I've had friends convert into the gospel and I have seen how their lives have risen up and have become filled with love and happiness. Of course improvement took time, but even the slightest improvement is valued by our Lord. Russell M. Nelson, a Apostle from the Quorum of the Twelve, said, that when switching ones life from the world towards God, "Don't demand things that are unseasonable, but demand of yourself improvement." I testify that The Book of Mormon & the gospel are true, that it was written by the power of God through Joseph Smith the Prophet. I urge you to read this book & ask God if it is true so that you may know, by the power of The Holy Ghost, that this book is true without a doubt. The missionaries could teach you with perfect accuracy the teachings of out Lord but you will never fully believe our words or the words of this book unless you ask God for yourself, so that you may receive revelation from the Spirit, whom reveals and teaches “the truth of all things” (Moroni 10:5).