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Hi I'm Aaron

I come from a family who bonds by playing video games. I extremely love boating and seeing incredible views. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I am a 19 year old youngster currently serving a mission for the Latter-Day Saint Church and am learning how to speak Mandarin. Before my mission I studied Spanish for three years, so adjusting to Mandarin has been fun. Also, before my mission I was a lifeguard for a couple years at the city pools. I am the youngest of eight kids! Most of my hobbies involve spending time with my family. We boat, hike, watch movies, play games and have camp fires together. I really love to play legos with my little nieces and nephews. Also, I enjoy riding ATVs. I basically really like being outdoors, especially when I can play with my three dogs! I've always loved dogs. I went to college for two semesters before leaving on a mission. At college I explored a little, because I am not sure what I want to major in. I spent most of my time exploring in Computer Engineering. I really enjoyed it, so I will continue to study this major when I return home.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have experienced Christ's Atonement for myself. I have been taught since I was small about Christ, but I actually gained a knowledge of Christ when I began studying the Book of Mormon and the Bible. As I learned more about Him and did what the scriptures told me to do, I really began to feel His love. I am a Mormon, because I have prayed and have drawn closer to God. I have put effort into prayer. I have tried to share my gratitude and to ask Him for help. Whenever I sincerely pray, I actually feel an incredible peace. I am a Mormon because whenever I have trials or problems, God helps me to solve them. I am a Mormon, because I have seen God bless me, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, and my parents. I've seen it bless so many people! I am a Mormon, because Christ's teachings have caused my family to be very close. We love each other and we forgive each other when we make mistakes. I am a Mormon, because I believe that families are forever. I really want to be with my family forever. Also, the teachings of Christ have made me into a better person. I look back on my few 19 years and can see how much His teachings have changed me. To basically summarize what I have said: I am a Mormon because I have been taught Christ's teachings and have acted on them. I have felt God's love and believe He lives.

How I live my faith

Ever since I was about 12 years old, I have been more involved in church activities. For about a year I was on a fun committee who would plan activities for teenagers in the church! Also, I had a specific duty to visit families who lived near us and just serve them. I had this duty with my dad, so we would both go visit these families, try and strengthen their testimonies in Christ, and then offer to serve them. These experiences with my dad taught me to be aware of others' needs. I really cherish being able to get to know these families better and be able to notice when they need help and to then go serve them. I was also part of a neat committee that worked to promote learning about the church for teenagers. We did many fun activities and invited as many people as we could to come and learn about Christ. We also had more opportunities to serve others. When I was in college, I had a new duty to help people learn more about their families and how they can be together forever. This was a really sweet experience. I worked with some amazing people in order to teach others how to find out more about their ancestors on familysearch.org. Now I have a specific calling to leave home for two years and teach others about the gospel. This is why I am learning Mandarin! I am a missionary! I go out and bike around searching for people who have interest in the gospel. I also serve by participating in teaching people English for free. I study the scriptures more than ever before and try to teach others about it. It is very difficult, but extremely worth it!

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

One time, my father and I hiked around the Teton Mountains in Idaho. It is so hard to describe how beautiful that hike was. The trail we hiked was surrounded by incredible pine trees with a small river weaving between them. We saw many beautiful sights. I am always amazed by the wonderful sights found outdoors! I believe God created the world. I believe he invented the tree, flower, clouds, and all nature. I believe he is the mastermind behind science. He understands it better than anyone, because he created all things. When I study about the science behind trees and flowers, I believe even more that God exists. God has provided many ways for us to know he exists. Besides looking at the mighty creations around us, we can see our own selves. The fact that we can exist is astonishing. I know God created us and loves us. Furthermore, He gave us books to read: The Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon. Both testify of God. Whenever I pray to God to help me understand these books, I am able to further understand that God does exist. In the Book of Mormon I have learned that God helps me to know my weaknesses. And if I am humble and have faith in Him, He will help me change my weaknesses into strengths (Ether 12:27). I have tested this scripture many times. As a result, God has helped me to improve the aspects of my life. He has helped me to study more effectively in school, as well as love my family more. I know God is looking out for me and wants all to turn to Him for help. Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Christ's Atonement includes several events but has an everlasting effect on everyone. When He entered a Garden called Gethsemane in order to pray to God, He literally felt the pains and suffering of all mankind. That includes all people who have ever been on the earth and who will be on the earth. He also felt the pain of everyone's sins and mistakes. This means that He literally felt our personal regrets, guilt, and shame. Even though He was innocent and never made any mistakes, He still felt these pains. By so doing, He paid for our sins and provided a way for us to overcome our sins and imperfections. Because He went through all of this, He knows exactly how everyone feels in all of their different unique circumstances and trials. He is the greatest therapist because He understands us all completely, therefore He knows how to help us to change and heal. He literally has the power to strengthen us and allow us to obtain forgiveness. The Book of Mormon helps me to understand that because of the Atonement I have a chance to change and heal. I can choose to believe in Christ and follow His teachings, and by doing this, I will be strengthened and will be able to grow. I love that the Atonement is meant to help everyone be able to overcome our weaknesses. These things just interfere with our grow. By believing in Christ and following Him, I literally feel like He is supporting me so I can become a better person. I truly believe that Christ gives us power to support us everyday. Show more Show less