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Hi I'm Beth Griffin

I was born in Italy, joined the church at age 9 in Georgia, studied and teach ballet. Married with 6 kids. I am a Mormon.

About Me

My father was assigned to Naples, Italy when I was born, the youngest of 4 siblings. He was then stationed back to Ft. Benning, Georgia. So while growing up in Georgia the missionaries were sent to our door by one of my father's coworkers. Though he never joined the church the rest of us did. I began training vigorously in classical ballet but knew somehow a career in that would not fit the family lifestyle I wanted to have. So at age 20 I gave it up to marry a wonderful man and have 6 great kids. I went back to college, something I had put off but really wanted. As I sat in a roomful of 20 somethings I wondered if it was worth it. I had a precious family at home that always came first. My husband and I were always manuevering around one another's schedules to make my college dreams come true. The path was hard. By the time I graduated my husband was a busy bishop, I was serving in the Relief Society presidency of our ward, teaching ballet, coaching competitive gymnastic teams and 6 months pregnant. Don't give up on college. If I can do it, anyone can. I found a way to continue in ballet. I included it in my college studies, learned from some exceptional teachers about what it means to pass on this art form and began my own try at teaching. Over the years I have trained, directed, choreographed for and lead many dancers to their careers. I've been an assistant, artistic and executive director of ballet companies.

Why I am a Mormon

Our family wasn't attached to any particular church so when the missionaries came to our door my mother and my older sister listened closely. My father chose to dismiss the teachings of the missionaries but allowed my family to continue these lessons. Against some friction from my father my mother brought me to church, though it wasn't terribly consistent. I had enough positive experience with the Mormons to know that I liked being there. By the time I reached my adolescent years I observed the standards of youth at church and the standards of youth outside the church. I saw the sometimes vast differences. I wanted to understand what people were "testifying" about at that one Sunday meeting a month. There was something to this religion and I needed to find out what it was, what it would mean for me. I began energetically attending every meeting I could including the program for young women my age. I began to see the differences in girls who were chaste, modest and had a faith in God. This was like a breath of fresh air to me. I wanted everything the church had to offer. I felt like I had been under a rock and now I was really seeing the world for the first time. I began to study the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. I didn't understand everything but I felt a peace and connection to God I never had before. I also felt a connection to Joseph Smith. No wonder a boy at 14 was trying to figure out what church was true. So was I! I chose to attend seminary which was only once a week in my hometown but I needed it! I needed everything God could give to me to help me understand this gospel, to strengthen the small testimony that was burning inside me. I vowed that I would be a servant of God, that I would bear testimony of His truth by my actions This feeling has never left me. Through the trials I have faced, the testimony that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that this is His gospel has sustained me over and over again.

How I live my faith

It took years for me to figure out that one brings one's faith to every part of life. As a kid dancing in a ballet company, I lived one life there and another outside of ballet. I didn't mix my church life and my ballet life though I often invited other dancers to church. During my years of teaching and raising a family I began to let go of my ego and focus outside myself. I began to see my dancers as sisters and brothers in Christ, people I had a chance to serve and love and hear. This approach to ballet as a ministry changed me. Early on I think my classes and rehearsals were miserable- for me and the dancers! I had to let go of my own self-centeredness and connect with these marvelous human beings. My own children had taught me volumes about selflessness. Why hadn't I brought that to the studio? I began to reach out to the dancers, hear them, guide them, and be a support when needed. I actually meshed my two lives. From that point on, everything got better: my teaching, my directing, my choreography. And the credit goes to my Father in Heaven. If everything we are trying to do on this earth is to glorify our Heavenly Father then can't we bring our work, our families, all our endeavors into the same circle? This brings a higher purpose to everything we do! This change for me continues to leave me feeling blessed every time I forget myself when I approach my activities with the Lord in mind.