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Hi I'm Dale Hall

I came to Nevada in 1986, and had been a member of the Church for only a month. And it was the start of a Marvelous Journey.

About Me

I love the solitude of the mountains, because nothing can be interfered by people. You have the potential to be more connected to Heavenly Father. You can look around at the plants, and trees and animals, which remind you of His miracles and power. All of my favorite memories with my step dad are in the mountains. He was always my father, he and my mom were married when I was 6 months old. And when I was too little to go hunting he'd put me in his backpack and he would carry me; when we went fishing we'd do the same thing. When I got older we did the same thing and I'd walk with him. He had a business, a cabinet shop, he taught me the business, and I was the youngest member of the union. That was one of the greatest blessings of my life, that we has with me in the good and in times of mistake. Later on I went to school for Engineering and I was fortunate to work with many fine companies, including a government contractor to design and build solid fuel rockets. I helped raise 9 children, and am married to my beautiful Andrea Hall, my dedicated companion that scolds me sometimes for my childish actions.

Why I am a Mormon

The reason, or I suppose it all started when I was in another faith and they wanted to put together a Wednesday program, and somehow I knew this Mormon church had activities during the week so I went and took notes. I asked questions on what kinds of programs they had and how they put it together and who they got to teach the classes. I was intrigued by all of this information and then a few years later in 1971 I lost a daughter at birth, Samantha. I went to the pastor of my church in need of solace, considering we hadn't had time to have her baptized. (As was the belief of that church, to have them baptized young.) And the only answer he could give me was that we had to depend on the grace of God. It drew a wedge between me and God and I knew that He would provide every detail I needed to get back to Him. It wouldn't be a partial map or directions if He wanted me to return. So, I started investigating other churches. I knew several people who were “Mormons” and I liked the way they lived, didn’t understand their doctrine, but liked them. But along the way someone suggested that I talk to the missionaries so I did and the first question I asked was what I had asked before and they had a complete answer for me. So I investigated more and more and eventually agreed to be baptized. I fell away for a while and missed the Holy Ghost. You could say I am selfish about having Him around all the time. It’s so reassuring to have that guidance in your life that gives you peace and confidence. God loves us so much, so I trust Him. And ,perhaps, some people may look at that as being foolish because I’m more concerned about the things that I can control and do things about, rather than the things I can't, and I leave it all to Him. We are lucky that we have an infinite amount of time to learn that which our God needs us to. I hope to be like Him, and this is the full map, all the directions.

How I live my faith

I read my scriptures every night before bed, rather than watching tv, that gives me peace and helps me sleep better. When I get up in the morning I watch the sunrise and it assures me that He is a part of my everyday life, I converse with my Heavenly Father at that moment and contemplate what I read the night before. I find that I'm blessed for that, for the time I spend in my studies. I put forth a little and just by putting forward that little bit of diligence, He turns around and sends more blessings my way. I know I feel Him more in my day, or maybe I'm more aware because I study. I feel like I'm growing at a rapid rate, but its not overwhelming. There is no comfort in the growth zone and there's no growth in the comfort zone; and because I know that discomfort is coming from my loving Heavenly Father I'm pleasantly uncomfortable. I find extreme joy in going out with the Missionaries. Each time I do, I learn, the reason I started reading morning and night is because thats what they do. I am beginning to mimic their patterns, its a strange feeling mimicking someone a third your age, but I see that that is a pattern I need to follow. I feel so blessed, not just from the learning when I sit in while they are teaching someone, but also from the questions they ask me while in those lessons, the gift of participation. And I'm not sure where the answers come from. The best way to learn something is to teach it. I admire what they do and maybe thats why I am open to learning from them. God has given me so much. My will is what I have to give him, my time and my desires. And so it is His, because His grace is sufficient, and I owe more than I have to give.