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Hi I'm Chazz Jorgen Kreutzkamp

I was born and raised in Utah. I love to read, learn, listen to music, write, and enjoy to laugh at a good joke. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I just graduated high school and am serving a mission in the D.R. I am currently differed at BYU and have little to no idea of what I am going to do after I get back from my mission in regard to a major. However, I know that as long as I live my life right and try to see God's hand in my life I'll be just fine, and happy no matter what I end up doing. Who knows maybe I'll be a doctor, or maybe a writer, I'll just have to see how this book I have been writing for the last seven or so turns out. I love music, and am kind of a jack of all trades when it comes to it, because I like everything from Metallica to classical music (Bon Jovi being one of my favorite artists). I also can play the violin, viola, guitar and dulcimer. Why I learned all of these, well a childish elementary school rivalry that provoked change, and my Grandma bringing home a random new instrument. I'm also a tad bit of a nerd. I like to play video games and indulge in nostalgic pursuits. My childhood was Nintendo and I still play it today. I also love to learn, and as such school was always a positive place for me. I never really had a bad teacher, and that probably instilled in me a passion to learn. Now I love to watch documentaries, amongst the fantasy, action, or clean comedies that compose my iTunes movie library. As mentioned before I love to write, and read as well. I like interpreting classic novels and adore the freedom writing gives me to explore my own ideas.

Why I am a Mormon

I harbor a lot of doubts about my abilities and self, and at times resentment for what I have done in the past but then again its in the past. I went through a trial of faith of sorts, years of patience which lead to several self discoveries as well as spiritual. In the end I discovered that at times the questions we pose to God, the desires of our hearts, may cause a disconnect. Sometimes asking why just isn't good enough at times asking how with the intent to act is the best way to communicate with God. For as I learned, indeed in the hard way, faith without works in null. Only when I acted upon my faith could I see the hand of God in my life and the healing power of the Atonement embrace me as I walked forward striving to be the best I could be. When I remember to look around me or even just stare at my hand I am reminded of the all the works God has made and it was all done that his children could live in a plain where they could work to be with him once more. At times I ponder the enormity of everything and think about how miniscule I am in comparison to the giant whole which is the universe, and even think where the basis of energy and matter came from and in a sense even in these aspects even science has a slight base in faith. When I think about this isn't it funny how close science and religion can be. I even think of the Plan of Happiness and in essence man isn't so insignificant at all but the blessed sons and daughters who have inherited the universe from their heavenly parents. When I let my thoughts wonder at night I like to think of ways of bettering myself and use examples from The Book of Mormon and Bible to do it, especially Alma, for even he someone who seemed a son of perdition was redeemed and became a prophet of God. I have been given a second chance and though many people say my church has put me in a controlling vice due to the commandments, it has in truth set me free from the things in this world that would otherwise enslave me.

How I live my faith

Where I live there are very few young men that were born in the general vicinity of my ward/neighborhood. As such I was always a part of my priesthood quorums(youth groups) presidency, which helped organize youth activities, campouts, and extend a hand of friendship to those drifting away from the church and people interested in it. As such I was involved in the scouting program and eventually became an eagle scout as my quorum and I did multiple service projects which ranged from doing yard work to making toys for hospitals. I also served for a time as a chorister for the weekly priesthood meeting. Being a priesthood holder I have had many responsibilities from passing the sacrament, collecting fast offerings, blessing the sacrament, taking the sacrament to those incapable of coming to church, to home teaching. Though at times living in Utah it can be a tad hard finding someone who is not Mormon, I love all my non-Mormon friends as my brothers, as I have no biological ones, I use them as my role models because even those who do not believe exactly as I do, still are good people. I have fond memories of talking to a friend about our religions and comparing how we believed and it was enlightening to hear him, in a sense how I live my faith is being a friend to all. As Jesus said(excuse my paraphrase) love thy neighbor, enemy, sister, everyone. In a sense if you look through the eyes of God and our Savior everyone is beautiful, and important, no matter their quirks. Above all else is I try to do better everyday, I used to harbor many doubts and resentments toward myself and through faith in God and my Savior I find peace. Everyday is a chance to improve and become better not only in my eyes but in the eyes of my Heavenly Father, sure I may mess up sometimes, almost everyday, but that's what keeps me going. As each mistake is but another hurtle to get over, and a new lesson for me to learn from and as such I know that God is watching out for me and guiding me as I live