What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Scott Greenberg

I grew up in South Florida, a student at BYU, a missionary in California-Irvine area, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently a student at Brigham Young University who will apply to a program to study Dietetics with a minor in management. University is really nice I meet people of different backgrounds and learn about them, sometimes we even make food for each other. Along with making food delicious (desserts especially!!), I love choosing what food I eat whether it's at a fast food place or I'm making it. In my alone time, I have come to enjoy reading books (mainly the boring kind you were assigned to read in grade-school). Me and my friends all love working out, and so weightlifting is a hobby I love to do. Also, my friends all love fishing so I hang out with them when they fish even though I'm no good at it.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in South Florida being a member of 'The Church' (a Mormon) with a mom whose a lifelong member and a dad being a convert to the church in his early twenty's. As a teenager I wasn't such a good example of my church nor a good student, even though I was one of the few members in my school. However, after high school a good scholarship offered for me at Brigham Young University (a school the LDS church funds) influenced me to choose BYU as my full-time university. Adjusting to university life was difficult, especially in a different environment (I'd never seen snow and thought snowflakes were the size of my palm, as that is how they were drawn and cut in school), and I wasn't sure I was made of the cut after my first semester. Wonderful friends and advisors helped me through it all and helped me progress both as a student and a Child of God. After bringing my grades up, I focused on living the Gospel I've been taught in my life. As I strived to live as an example of His Word, I reaped the blessings of these actions, and by seeing how the Gospel allowed my to realize my potential brought me happiness in my life. I now realize that happiness is what my Father wants for me, as I am his Child and He is my Father who loves me. He knows the happiness I can gain by following His ways so he put the gospel on the earth so I can be happy. I realize His love for me by the blessings He gives for following His commandments. I'd never thought I would be a missionary for 'the church', but now I hold the call to serve in the California Irvine Mission. He placed wonderful guidance of friends for me in school the next year and I even read the Book of Mormon 'well' (I previously skimmed it after reading other books of scripture). I am very thankful for these friends and for His church he has put here for me. By following the precepts I learned, the next year in school caused me to progress to someone I am proud to be today . . . a Mormon and a Missionary for Him.

How I live my faith

Recently, I have decided to serve a mission. After filling out my Mission papers I received the Call to serve as a missionary in the California Irvine area. I began to be interested in serving a mission after seeing how much my Faith has helped me, causing me to want to help others in the same way (helping others has always piqued my interest, hence also the cause of my desired field of study being dietetics: a combination of food, health-care and teaching, all of which help others). In my Faith I practice something I absolutely love to do, which is known as Home-Teaching. In Home-teaching two men (with women it is called Visiting-Teaching) are put together in a companionship (reminiscent of missionaries you may see around) and assigned a couple of men and women, who are a part of the same church services the companionship attend, whom then visit the homes (usually tried at least once a month) of the people they are assigned to teach a lesson to and offer any help required as well as their friendship. These people then become friends with those whom they teach, who during trying times can call upon their 'home-teachers' for help and friendship. This Home-Teaching system, through many companionships, covers all the members assigned to a certain congregation. I especially love making and bringing treats to those I Home-Teach. By being obedient to God's principles, I live my faith. By living my faith I have reaped many blessings which I desire to share the joy of with others as a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I strive to follow His will for me and I hope I become a wonderful friend to others like those who have helped me on my path, or what ever He would have me do.

What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Scott Greenberg
Sometimes when individuals lose their means to support themselves and their families, the Church may offer them help on ways to get their life back on track by promoting self-reliance in various ways. This is neither a permanant means of assistance nor is it meant to bring shame to others. The assistance provided is confidential, and made to fit the recipents needs - usually not a one-size-fits-all solution. The various assistance can range from when members are doing all they can and still cannot meet their basic needs, all the way to humanitarian initiatives and emergency response projects. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Scott Greenberg
"Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servents the prophets" - Amos 3:7 Before the Bible was completed there were prophets on the earth. Prophets are those who are given authority, by our Heavenly Father, to act in His name. This authority God gives his prophets is known as the priesthood. During Jesus Christ's life he subsequently organized 12 Apostles, and gave them the priesthood. After Jesus' time on the earth the Apostles headed the church. However, the apostles were then persecuted and the priesthood authority was gone from the earth for a time, even though the record of the past prophets - known as the Bible - continued to exist. Therefore, people were then led through the writings and truths in the Bible, the authority given by God to create a church in his name was not found on the earth until it was given to Joseph Smith by Christ's Apostles (namely Peter, James, and John) through the laying on of hands, thus reconnecting the chain of Priesthood Authority. Because of this, we have a Church today, headed by a Living Prophet who holds the same priesthood as Christ's original Apostles. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Scott Greenberg
Currently, as a missionary, the type of lessons I give are about what we believe and how it can help our lives. There are 4 main usual ones we share with people: The first is about our church and how it was restored (brought back) in the present day. The second is introducing the Book of Mormon to people and how and why they should read it. The Third details the plan our Heavenly Father (God) has for us and how there is life after death. The fourth explains the gospel Christ taught and how we can implement the steps in it to make changes in our lives that would help us. However, as a missionary I also try to connect with the people we are visiting with. Christ taught us "mourn with those that mourn" and "comfort those that stand in need of comfort" so missionaries may try to do the same. They may also ask about what do you hope for in your life, or what values are important to you - this is to understand how what we believe can matter to you. Each person we teach has personal challenges and concerns and no matter what your needs or concerns might be, the Savior and His teachings—the gospel—will help you. As the missionaries connect you with the gospel they will hopefully create lasting friendships with you in their lives. As a missionary in teaching people I also created friendships that I hope will last. I encourage you to let the missionaries into your home, they may not only try to develop lasting friendships with you but they'll bring a spirit of peace in as well. Show more Show less

What is the priesthood?

Scott Greenberg
As a missionary we usually share with others that the priesthood is the authority to act in God's name. God introduced his priesthood through Adam - the first man - who exercised the authority, as a prophet, over his lineage. As a prophet he was to receive revelation for the world (his posterity) and directing them to worship God. A line of prophets continued after his death, leading the church that looked towards a savior coming to save them from the world. But, there were periods of time that didn't have a prophet with the proper priesthood authority because the people rejected the prophets and fell away from the church. These periods of time are known as an apostasy, where the priesthood of God is not on the earth (ex. Samuel 3:1); although people may still continued to worship Him, it was without His proper priesthood ordinances. However, God ends these periods of apostasy and restores his priesthood to the earth when his people are ready again for his church because he loves his Children - everyone - and wants them to have the happiness that comes from his church and the gospel it teaches. Such was the case when Jesus Christ came to the earth and taught his people. After Christ was resurrected from the cross, he set up His church again on the earth that the apostles then headed. After the Apostles died the authority was then lost in a great apostasy until the Lord restored it on the earth again. I testify that the priesthood is again on the earth - In Jesus' name amen Show more Show less