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Hi I'm Sylvía

I´m Icelandic and I´m a dreamer. I love my family, music and healthy body, mind and spirit and I´m a Mormon.

About Me

I am a single mother of two wonderful children and I love them endlessly. I am happy and thankful my wonderful family and for the love and all the good times and the blessings we have had. I am going to college now, I want to further my education and become a better help for the society. I want to be healthy physically, mentally and spiritually and I want to help others be that too, that is why I chose community health as a major. I love music, listening, playing, singing and dancing. I love my dog and my cat so much and I love life. I love the gospel and how it has changed my life and given me so much hope and happiness, even when I can't see the blessings at the moment, I know they will come, if I keep my promises and keep His commandments.

Why I am a Mormon

I love the gospel! I know it is true! I have always had faith in Jesus Christ, when I was about 20 years old I found it difficult to be sure, why would the faith that I grew up with be the only right faith? I loved learning about all other religion of the world and I could see how beautiful they were. I still felt in my heart that Jesus was our Savior and that the Bible was true, but I could not teach other people that. I did not know how to defend my faith. When I was 30 years old my wonderful friend sent me a living Christmas card, eight missionaries stood on my doorstep and asked if they could sing for me and my children. I said yes :) They sang Christmas hymns, I don't know if they sang in tune, but the feeling they brought to my home that day, I can never forget. I remembered why we celebrate Christmas, it is about Christ and about His love. Clean house, good food, gifts, new clothes, combed hair, it all became secondary to having Christ in our home and love each other. I could do that! The missionaries came back and asked if I wanted to know more about their faith. I had no idea of what a Mormon was, I didn't even know it was connected to Jesus Christ. My parents taught me to be polite and I also wanted to learn more, so I said happily yes and invited them in. The peaceful feeling they brought to my home, the warm and soft answers to all my hard questions, the feeling of recognizing what they said, even though nobody had told me before, made me really want to know if what they were teaching was true. I also felt a great responsibility to know, if God sent me those missionaries to MY home to help ME, I needed to do my part and seek the answer. I did. The missionaries asked me to read the scriptures and pray to God and ask if they were true. It took time. When I was striving my hardest to be ready to receive any answer and follow it, when I read a little bit more and prayed a little bit harder, I received the answer. I felt it in my hearth and I followed it.

How I live my faith

I get to teach the four turning five year old children in my church and oh, how I love them. It is so wonderful to be able to help them learn about how to be grateful and loving, how we can serve others, be obedient, humble and reverent and learn it all through the gospel of Jesus Christ. And then talk to them about their feelings and ideas. I no nothing sweeter than children's pure heart. I go with another lady in my church and we visit three of our sisters to see how everything is going for them, and be the eyes, ears, hands and heart of our Heavenly father in their homes. It is a privilege to be able to get to know each other through those visits and I have gained many close and great friends through that. I have also been able to teach girls and women, play the organ, lead a choir, help with organizing events and much more and I love it all.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

I really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today. When I was a little girl, I got a book for Christmas, it was about Moses. I loved the book and the stories in it. When you opened it, some pictures were lifted up, I remember one of the pictures where of the bush on fire. I wondered at my young age, if there could be a prophet like Moses today, whom I could follow. I wanted to do that. I wanted to show Heavenly father how much I loved Him and follow His prophets where ever he would lead me. When the missionaries told me about the living prophet my heart remembered. Yes, that makes sense. I still had to pray about it, because I really don't want to be fooled by someone and follow a man who is not called of God to be a prophet, so I prayed and I listened to the prophet, and again, I received the answer, he is a prophet called of God to help us and lead us today. What a joy! Show more Show less