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Hi I'm Sydney

I was raised in Montana. I have raised 5 wonderful children and been married to a fantastic man for 46 years. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in King City, California on April 4, 1947. We moved to Lima, MT when I was 4 and onto Deer Lodge, MT when I was 5. I attended school in Deer Lodge until my Senior year. I graduated from Helena Senior High in Helena, MT. Then I worked in a bank for 3 years before marrying Raymond J Wagner. I am a wife, mother of 5 and Grandmother of 8. This is quite a miracle because of health problems that made the doctors feel I would never give birth. After adopting two fantastic children,an answer to my infertility was discovered. With the help of priesthood blessings, fasting and prayer, many trips to the Temple and a knowledgeable persistent doctor we were able to give birth to three children. We adopted children after we'd been married 4 years, but never gave birth until we'd been married eleven. What a blessing to be able to bring children into this world both through adoption and natural. We went through 5 late term miscarriages. And was on bed rest the majority of the pregnancy to get the three natural births into this world. It was worth every bit of it. After living in Walla Walla for eighteen years, a bad economy hit, my husbands Architectural business failed and we moved to Coos Bay, Oregon. After less than a year , we discovered the new job would not work so we moved back to the Seattle area. Eventually my husband became the Architect for the family business and we were blessed to live close to my husbands parents until they both passed on recently.

Why I am a Mormon

I had never heard of the Mormon Church until I was a teenager, except what was taught in my history classes. But at the time I needed it most a new girl moved to my little town. She invited me to church with her. I guess you could say, the rest was history. You see my parents did not get along. There was a lot of contention in our home. Love was not demonstrated. About the time I came in contact with the Church Dad left and Mom took up drinking a lot more than she had. It wasn't unusual to see Mom "tipsy" chaperoning a dance or rooting for the basketball team. The people at church were always there to help. But the principals of the Gospel seemed to ring true even as a teenager. And I needed something good in life right then. I knew and know it is a Gospel of Love. I knew and know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to this earth. The same Gospel that was on earth when Jesus Christ was. I knew and know that after the apostles and prophets died there was noone to pass on the information, so the world did not have the correct info any longer. But I knew and know that Heavenly Father loves us and wants the best for us, so he found another Prophet, the Prophet Joseph Smith, to restore the Church to the earth. He loves us enough to put a lot of effort into us knowing the truth so we can live with him again. Heavenly Father has shown love to us by blessing us with families. He wants us to be happy and families can do that. Oh, there can be problems once in awhile, but there can also be true happiness. Even in my dysfunctional family, there was happiness when my Dad was baptized a couple years before he died. The memory I have of him sitting around the kitchen table playing with Grandchildren and reading the scripture brings great joy. The memory of my Mom in her later years actually telling me she loved me is a precious memory. I never heard those words as a child. I am a Mormon because it is true and it has brought me great joy.

How I live my faith

When I was 14 years old I came in contact with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint. I lived in a small town in Montana. A girl moved to town. On the playground at school she asked me "What do you know about the Mormon Church?" And followed it with "Would you like to come with me to Sunday School?" That introduction changed my life. Before I knew it I was going every Sunday and to the Young Women's meetings. Then I was teaching Primary and playing the piano. I could only do a few chords as they went to their classes from opening exercises. A year later I was baptized. I have loved being active in the Church from that time. I was very shy. I would walk down the hall with my head down so I wouldn't have to talk to people. It was torture to be called to do something in class. But my activity in the Church helped to bring me out of the shell and also gave me training to do things in the community later. I have been called to be in leadership positions in all the Women and children organizations; as well, as teach in each one. My favorite position I have held is Visiting Teacher for the Women's Organization. I would go with one other woman to individuals home and make sure they were doing well. If they needed any help then we would do what we could to help. It was nice to get acquainted with them on a one-on-one basis. The experiences in all these positions in the Church trained me to hold leadership positions in the Parent-Teacher Associations, The Friends of the Library, and service organizations dealing with political issues. Therefore, I was able to get better acquainted with the people in the community. By pushing myself forward, I was able to enjoy life much more. My senior year of high school I moved to another town with my Mom. My parents divorced. It would have been unbearable without the experiences I had in my youth at Church. My new Ward picked right up and helped me become acquainted and with stand what I needed to.