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Hi I'm Jason Glenn

I grew up in Washington and spent life competing in sports and whenever possible in the mountains biking or skiing. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

School, sports, friends, college apps and senioritice sum up my life as of recently and I am so glad to officially be done with high school. I have never been so busy and am confident that life doesn't get any busier (cough cough). The Lord has blessed me in so many ways and everyday my gratitude towards him grows as I continue to reap the blessings of his gifts. The most prominent blessing in my life at the moment is the Lords request for me to serve a mission. I have never been more excited for anything in my life and that is not due to a shortage of exciting things. When I was able to peel away from the homework, church callings and sports, so summer and winter break, I have found a love for Mountains. Biking and skiing down them, hiking the tall ones and good old fashion camping are just a few things I enjoy doing. I feel the lord has blessed us with the capability to make clean fun out of our surroundings and for that I am thankful. Sports is definitely considered in the top among the things that have been important to me. I have dedicated 7 years and who knows how many hours to wrestling and for all those doubters out there wrestling is definitely the hardest sport there is. This work brought me a 3rd in state metal and again another incredible blessing from the lord. As much as i enjoy siting down and watching seasons of TV shows I have come to realize that real happiness comes through the Lord and productive, engaging entertainment.

Why I am a Mormon

There have been many times in my life when people have asked me "why do you want to live with so many rules like that?" or have told me "your such a goodie goodie". The truth is though that being a part of this church is a lot of work and also that I am a goodie goodie or at least I try my hardest to be one. Truth is though that I know that even if the church were to leave completely and its influence on me to fallow the commandments of Christ were gone I would not change my life style one bit. I have grown a strong love for every single rule this church lays out as I have seen every broken rule become a major problem for many of my friends through out my life. The church has protected me with an amazing standard of rules but the real reason I stay a member of this church is because I know with every last piece of my heart that it is the true Church of Jesus Christ. I have studied the scriptures, listened to the Prophet and most importantly I have recognized the warm fuzzy feeling brought to me by the Holy Spirit confirming the truthfulness of this church countless times and all of them have testified to me that this truly is the true church of Jesus Christ. Nothing has brought me more happiness in life then the relationship I have grown with my Savior Jesus Christ that I gained from this church and for that reason I have been and always will be a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I have been quorum president for almost my entire Young Mens association and believe me, I know how frustrating those meetings after church can be when your mom has lunch waiting for you at home. I always felt that I gave so much of my time to church and that I could deserve a break however the older I got the more I realized that my church activity is my break. There have been so many times I was agitated with the work I had to do but when i think back to it i cant remember a single one of those irritating times. In fact when I think back to my church experiences the only memories I have are those of happiness, joy, good food and fun activities. I am currently preparing to serve a mission in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission (spanish speaking) and the more I study the more I realize that the church and every little single service hour that comes with being a part of it are the things that really bring joy and happiness into my life. As I come closer to God I become happier and happier every day and that is the happiness I am excited to share with others over my next two years.