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Hi I'm Summer

I grew up in Arizona. I'm a Student at Northern Arizona University. I'm an Exercise Science Major. I'm a camper. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi I'm Summer. I'm a Freshman at Northern Arizona University. I plan on Majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in business. I want to some day own my own practice as a sports physical therapist. As a college student, I am very pressed for time with everything that is available to me. I really have to decide the best ways to spend my time and at the top of the list is studying for all my science classes. I lived by a lake so I love water sports. I can almost do a 360 on the kneeboard! I'm shortest basketball player you will ever meet. I played for my high school as a point guard with defense being my strong suit. Basketball was always my stress relief and I love it so much. I love to listen to music. I really like country, Disney music is pretty great too, just saying. I love to read. My favorite book series by far is Harry Potter. I've read the full series three times! I'm a sucker for romance books too though. That's the nerd side of me though haha. The fun side of me loves to be outdoors. I love to camp. I would be okay with living in the woods for a month because I just love camping that much. I love my part time job at the right now and I'm hoping it will give me some extra money to save up for a mission that I am currently preparing for.

Why I am a Mormon

First thing to understand about me is that I am not a Mormon simple because I was born into the church. As a child, I pretty much just accepted everything that my parents told me. I grew to be 8 and got baptized like every other LDS kid. That put me on all the record books, but I wouldn't say that I was converted quite yet. What I could tell was that the church did what was good. So I did what was good. I may have been called a goody two shoes every now and then, but I proud to be a good student and friend. That's why I liked the church at such a young age. A couple years went by and I can honestly say that they were probably the easiest years of my life. I turned 12 and still my life was great. This is when I first gained a testimony. It was a testimony of the church itself and it's truthfulness. I knew it was true because the spirit told me it was true. That was the growing truth in my heart. It was a start to my conversion. That phase continued to my junior year. Junior year was the hardest year of my life! I feel to the bottom of a deep hole that I couldn't get out of on my own. I lost the spirit. I had never felt so scared in my life. (Remember, my life was easy before this point). I did something that was bad enough to take to my Bishop. I couldn't take the sacrament for a little bit. But I prayed every day. I prayed harder than I had ever prayed. I was being lifted up again by the hand of the Savior and his Atonement. Slowly but surely I changed for the better. I gained a testimony of the love our Savior and older brother has for me. I soon learned that yes our Heavenly Father loves us and knows us by name. He wants us to be happy. That trial fully converted me. I will never doubt that he is there ever again. I am Mormon because my Heavenly Father loves me. I show him that I love him back by doing my best to keep his commandments. I am Mormon because I want to spend eternity with my future husband and children. I am Mormon because I know the gospel is true.

How I live my faith

As a Young Single Adult, I don't have a calling. However, every member is a missionary and I like to think that my calling is to bring anyone I can into the church whether I have a calling or not. I like to lead by example because that is the best way to bring people in. People can see the happiness that I have because of the gospel in my life. Also as young single adult, we have many opportunities to go and serve. Our leaders tell us what needs to be done either in the church or in the community and we get it done. We try and make this world a better place by serving one person or place at a time. I hope to one day plant a seed by the service that I do. Along with that, I have had the opportunity to go to many youth programs to help me increase my faith in Jesus Christ. For example, I just spent a week at BYU at a program called Especially For Youth. It is a week long program that allows lds kids from all over to meet and bond. We learn about how to stand tall among all the turmoil of the world. We learn to be friend to those in need. We learn to share what we believe and know to be true. Likewise, We had girls camps that we go to. This last time was all about coming unto Christ. It was amazing because I got to help plan everything that went into making camp a success. There, I learned how to teach. I was a teacher and an example all week to the group of girls I was in charge of. Ever since then, I have had both the desire and teach the people around me (in the church or not) about the gospel. I live my faith by being and example to everyone around me, by giving service to those who need it most, and by continually teaching and learning things that pertain to the gospel.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Our church is based upon the whole idea of family. Family is central to the plan of salvation. In families we learn and grow in a safe place full of people who love each other. With our families we are stronger and better prepared to face the world. They are the people that pick us up when the weight is too much for us to bare. We have families because they make us happy. Some of my best memories are with my family and I wouldn't trade those moments for anything else. Show more Show less