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Hi I'm Spencer

I was a born in Utah, and raised by an amazing southern mom! I am a brother out of 4 children, and I love being with my family!

About Me

I love to play games, read a lot of fantasy books, see a bunch of cool movies, however, that doesn't stop me from absolutely loving honest physical labor! especially if its in the form of service! I can guarantee that almost nothing makes me more happier than service! Though most days I certainly don't mind sitting down to relax and hang out, I still like to do work. I've moved about my whole life, from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood, but I don't mind it! Because I have had my little brother who is my best friend with me the whole way! I am very close to my family and I know that I am very lucky for that relationship and I am very thankful for it! Me and my brothers have done so much together such as staying up late to watch movies and play games, or go on mini adventures and just explore outside wherever we can get too! Although I do enjoy things such as rock climbing, skiing, riding motorcycles, drawing (even if I'm not good at it!), reading, playing, or even sometimes cooking! I am willing to put all of my daily hobbies and normal life style on hold to go and serve a full two year mission in Las Vegas Nevada! I've been looking forward to that event my entire life! and I'm so excited I finally get to go!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into this church. However, I have still done my fair bit of searching for what is the truth to many questions that still today elude some people. I know many members of this faith that have come far and wide searching for truth and even though my journey has not been as chaotic, eventful, or much a neat story, I am so very grateful that the answers to any question I might have, have been within accessible reach. As a child, I understood that coming to church, and following rules was important and I had a respect and reverence towards that. However, it wasn't until my beginning teenage years that I started to become "truly converted" and started to understand why I should do things like go to church or read my scriptures. Before it was all because my parents wanted me too and I wanted to obey them and hardly had much say in the matter of not going to church anyway! they knew it was important and wanted me to recognize that too! which I am ever grateful for their constant determination of kindly and plainly telling me why I needed to go to church, read my scriptures etc. Anyway, during my teenage years my attitude towards the church, its standards, the book of mormon, began to change. I no longer went because I had to, I went because I wanted too! I always feel at peace at the church, I always feel my knowledge growing when I read the book of Mormon and my understanding of this life and love for it increases daily! I know that many pains have been undergone in order to help the book of Mormon be here in this day to help me and everyone else, and it is humbling and fantastic to realize that I have an older brother, a Savior, an incredible being, Jesus Christ, that loves me and knows who I am and wants me to be happy and will happily make sure that I have an opportunity to be forgiven and welcomed! I love my savior, and I love the gospel. Without this church my life would surely feel miserable as it has saved me on multiple occasions! I love this true church!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by integrating it into my everyday life. I love to hang out with the missionaries in my current area as it is a very great opportunity to learn as much as possible from them as I will be doing the same thing that they are. I happily volunteer to give answers to questions about this church to the best of my ability whenever they arise. I am involved with a lot of youth activities generally from ages around 16 to 18, and have helped plan events in youth conference (which is more or less a big get-together of youth for fun games and activities) and I always encourage my fellow friends or whomever I see being an example of great moral standards to continue what they are doing or suggest how to improve that. I take my faith very seriously and am very devoted to any task or duty that is expected or asked of me, and I find that I love to do anything that involves the church! Never is it really too hard or physically taxing or anything like that, all I have to do is just give a little time for great rewards of friendship and blessings that come in all shapes and sizes! And I also know that I can have fun with this church, which I constantly do by the way, and that is by following the standards that have been set, and doing my best to be a righteous, kind and serving person or in other words, just trying to be like Jesus and I always get a wonderful feeling for doing good!