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Hi I'm Thomas M. Waite

Born in Utah. I am a music lover, traveler, and serving mission in Alabama. I have Autism, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I'm Thomas. I was born in Bountiful Utah, have been a Mormon my whole life. I'm the youngest of 5, oldest my sister and then my 3 brothers, with two amazing parents. Utah has always been my home, but I like to travel a lot! Because of my mother and father's work, they travel and like to bring me with them. I love music, video games, sports, cars and being with friends. I'm hoping to be a music artist some day, I have a guitar and love to play on it, I had a studio program on my Mac and iPad for making and mixing music, and just love to simply listen to music. I especially love to do that with Skullcandy headphones, a little obsession of mine. My favorite kind of music genres are rap, hip-hop and alternative rock. Important artists who have inspired me in my life are Marshall Mathers and Rivers Cuomo. I love to watch sports, I'm no sports pro, I can't always throw a perfect spiral sometimes or shoot a dead on 3 point shot, but I still try and love watching sports. My favorite team in all of sports are the Detroit Lions, it started as a kid because I saw them on TV and I was cheering for the "Blue Simbas!" Been a fan ever since! I especially love when all my family comes over to watch football on Sunday and Monday night. I've traveled to many states in the US, including Cali, NY, Hawaii, Wyoming and more! And out of the country I've been to England, France, Ireland and Canada. Hoping to go to Italy in the future! I'm currently a missionary in the Alabama Birmingham mission.

Why I am a Mormon

Because is true, it's true and the truthfulness of it is beautiful. I want my future family to have the gospel fully in their lives, so that it can bless them as it has me and my family. There were times where I didn't know the importance or the truth of this all, and I watched as all kinds of blessings and miracles happened around me, without thinking of why and who was watching out for us. But now I know that through tender mercies and the sheer love of God and faith, that this is real and that we are all loved. This love of God, though it does not promise a perfect life, being a member of the church doesn't promise a perfect easy life, but it does promise that we can get through it, and come back stronger than we ever were and rise as stronger saints than we were the day before. Through the Atonement, we can be forgiven, we can be made whole, and we can know our Lord and the love he has for us. God sent his Son for us, he did not do it in vain. His church is on the Earth, and because he is real and loves us, his gospel is filling the Earth and many are praising their Lord. This church is true, this is God's church, he sent his Son, Jesus died for us, Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God, Thomas S Monson is a prophet called of God, the Book of Mormon is a true testament of Christ, I am a Mormon, I cannot be shaken in what I know to be true. I am a Mormon, I am a latter day saint, and I love my God and Christ.

How I live my faith

Every email from our mission president ends in "Be Steadfast in Christ." This is something we must always strive to do. Christ set the example in all he did. He taught, he helped, he served, he led and went through everything for us, because he loves all of us. We as members of the church, have a responsibility to God and Christ to follow the Gospel they laid out for us. It is the way we can be happy, truly happy. It can bless us and those around us. I try to serve others in all ways I can. Be it family, friends, ward members, fellow saints or just total strangers. I try to reach out to others who are in need, who are feeling low in themselves, are suffering through hard times, in any and all ways possible. Doesn't matter if it's by my word, an arm around their shoulder, a powerful scripture, spiritual help and guidance, I try to help who ever I can how ever I can. I try and give my all, that I may be setting a good example for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Though I grew up in this church, I didn't always know if the church was true, I always believed and just leaned on other's faith. But as I counted my blessings, looked and saw the miracles in my life and the ways God had helped me and my family through hard times, and through deep deep prayer, study and thought, I came to know one amazing thing about Jesus Christ, THAT HE LIVES. He lives, He is real, He's no made up character. He is our savior and He is realer than real, we can learn from him, and this is His church. He calls prophets in our day, as he did Joseph Smith, and is preparing the World for his return. In this dispensation, and in my earthly life, I aim to do all I can to help, to work and preach and share the gospel, so I can of someway be a tiny bit of help to prepare for his coming. I plan to lay the foundation for my future family so that they can understand for themselves the importance of this all and the importance of God and Christ, and see how they bless us.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Thomas M. Waite
Because people who are against the church, without even fully looking into it, try to do all they can to bring it down and get other people not interested in it. We are in no way a cult. We have church where we go and learn about God and Jesus Christ and feel the Spirit, anyone who wants to see for themselves can walk in and see. We read the Bible and Book of Mormon, we are always following the commandments God has given us, we do everything pretty much in the name of Christ. In Alabama, my mission, people always bring this up, and try to tell me I'm in a cult... The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is in no way at all a cult. In the Bible, Jesus told the pharisees that Satan can't cast out Satan when he was casting out the devils, and was accused of doing so by the power of the devil. A church, led by a prophet and apostles that follows the examples and teachings of Jesus Christ cannot be a cult. Being baptized and following commandments and teachings, I can promise that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is no cult, but is the true church of God. Show more Show less