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Hi I'm Robbie PenDell

I was born and raised in Elkhart,Indiana, I'm a missionary in the Washington Spokane mission, a Bro, and I won a microwave once.

About Me

I grew up in Elkhart Indiana, Now im serving a mission in Spokane Washington. i love to build stuff with Legos, make films, air-soft, preach the gospel, and to build stuff with legos. i graduated high school in the summer of 2014, 2 months later i left home and began to serve the lord. my parents always said that when i turned 18 they were kicking me out of the house. I said "nuh-uh", turns out they weren't kidding. i love preaching the gospel to others, and seeing the positive changes in there life. when i get home in 2 years i will be going in to robotic manufacturing, i was working for a manufacturing department back at home before i left in the welding/robotics department-best job ever by the way(i mean my co-workers were fire shooting robots, whats cooler than that, besides serving a mission).

Why I am a Mormon

why im a mormon? oh dear here we go... it all started about 5 years ago. i was driving home with my Dad and older Brother on a cold February night. we came to a four way intersection, the light was green and like every one who should have a licence we went for it. at the same time some guy who was high off flippin everything, was in the middle of a car chase with a police officer. so he ran the red light. luckily we were able to stop a few feet in front of him. another cop pulled out in front of the high guy and smashed into his car. the high guy's car flipped twice. the police officers car was totaled and officer Jim Shuba and his police dog had both sacrificed there lives to stop him. as soon as i saw this i was in total shock, i got out of the car, and fell to the ground, the car had stopped on slick ice. anyone who knows anything about physics knows that the impala we were in should not have been able to stop that fast on the ice. we should have slid out, and i should have gotten hit/killed. it was the worst night of my life. when something like that happens to you, you really start asking questions. why was my life spared? what is in store for me. what did i do to deserve to live when the officer died, and to be honest, i don't know why, but i do know that the lord saved my life and because of that i owe him my life. even with that i still wasn't sure if church of Jesus Christ was the correct church for me. so i did the only thing i could do, i read the book of Mormon and prayed and asked God if it was the write thing for me to do. I cant really explain what happened next but i received my answer, and it was that it was true, that the gospel had been restored, and that serving a mission was indeed the right thing to do. that is my story. and i would invite everyone to read and pray about the book of Mormon, just like i did.

How I live my faith

I always live my faith to the fullest and try to be my best where ever i am. even though a lot of my friends don't have the same standards i do i always let them know my belief, and 90% of people always respect that, i know that there is never any shame in standing out, even if you are standing alone.