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Hi I'm Jasmine

Hello there! I am a brunette, green-eyed, freckly girl who would LOVES to talk! I love to sing&love my family! AND I'm a Mormon.=D

About Me

I'm a high school graduate! And I will be a college student by the fall of 2014. In high school, I found a love for singing. I was in my high school's top show choir and some of my best friends and I (4 girls [including myslef] and 1 boy [our beatboxer]) even pulled an A Capella group together and call ourselves Perfect 5th. We even got to sing the National Anthem at a Denver Nuggets game once after winning 2nd place in a contest.I just adore music! I have also played the clarinet since 4th grade and I have been in band ever since I picked up a clarinet. I also did marching band for one year, pep band, wind ensamble, and I was also in the musicals in high school. I just LOVED being in the musicals. Being onstage is one of the greatest, most exhilarating, and joyful experiences I can have. Singing with my Athenians (the top show choir) was always amazing. They were a 2nd family. Also I would consider myself pretty athletic. When I was a kid, I did gymnastics, T ball, soccer, dance, tennis, volleyball, and I was in a little kid show choir. But in high school I participated in soccer and volleyball. Another thing, I am a HUGE Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings fan. I've also recently really gotten into the divergent series. I used to not like reading but now I LOVE it. Although I still really enjoy movies! I have way too many to even begin but anything Disney is fine by me! My favorite color is purple. I love accessories. I ever so dearly love my friends and family!

Why I am a Mormon

To try to put it somewhat simply, I am a Mormon because I KNOW the gospel is true. And because of this, I know that the Book of Mormon is TRUE. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and that he died for ALL or our sicknesses, pains, suffereings, and sins. I know that the Atonement ( Because of His Atonement, all people will be resurrected, and those who obey His gospel will receive the gift of eternal life with God.) is real and that I can live with my family, future husband, and future kids for time and all eternity in the Celestial Kingdom (the highest degree of glory where God resides) with my Heavenly Father again. And because of this knowledge, I know that I was sent here for a purpose; and that purpose is to be tested, tried, and that this earthly life is a preparatory stage to prepare to meet God. I also know that we are never given any trial, burden, or hardship in our life that we cannot overcome, especially with the help of the priesthood if need be. I also know that the priesthood is the power of God and that with it, we can make everlasting covenants with Heavenly Father and be blessed as we sustain our priesthood holders. With this knowledge, I know that President Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet and he is the only one on this earth who currently holds ALL priesthood keys and those keys allow him to lead and guide the church with the help of the other Apostles and leaders in the church. I also know that we can pray to Heavenly Father, that He HEARS OUR PRAYERS, and we can receive personal revelation from him. The temple is the house of the Lord and we can be sealed to our families, baptize for the dead, and feel the spirit strongest in the temple. And I know that as we strive to be like Christ, we will receive blessings, that they come in wavelengths, but overall we can we happier. And I love bringing others to the Gospel (like my wonderful boyfriend) and seeing them feel the same happiness. Overall, THAT is why I am a Mormon. =D

How I live my faith

I'd like to think that I live my faith everyday, not just on Sundays. Being LDS isn't just a religion, it comes with a lifestyle as well. In Sunday school or YW (Young Women) / YSA (Young Single Adults), almost every week we receive a challenge. And this challenge typically encourages us to change maybe the way we think, our habits, priorities, ect. It might be to try to do a bigger service to someone, to attempt to keep a strict habit that week to read your scriptures and say your prayers in the morning AND at night without missing a day, or maybe to just draw a picture of what the Priesthood means to you. I love these challenges and attempt every week to "try a little harder to be a little better" Also I love my faith by fulfilling my callings. I have been in SYC (Stake Youth Counsel) since I was 14, I was a counselor and the president of the behives, Mia Maids, and just recently released as the Laurels President after 2 years (since I am 18 now I will be going to YSA [Young Single Audlts]). This means I attend and sometimes even conduct presidential meetings and attend stake meetings. And also, often times the youth sometimes teach during YM/YW(young men and young women). High school...one of the hardest places to live your faith. But you set an example to everyone. Dressing modestly, not swearing, being honest, gaining a knowledge, growing your talents, ect. I noticed people in high school often noticed I wasn't quite like everyone, but they could never really put their finger on what made me different. But I loved being a little different from everyone else. It was pretty hard sometimes; temptations are endless, and you WILL mess up, there is no escaping it, but trying your BEST is the best you can do.