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Hi I'm Jessica

Hi! I am the youngest of 10 children, I love my family, I love this gospel and I love life. I am a Mormon, I live it and I love it

About Me

I grew up in a large family! Being the youngest of ten children, you tend to do things a little bit differently. My parents took us camping a lot as kids and so because of that, camping and spending time outdoors is one of my favorite things to do. I am not an extreme sports type person. In fact, I am terrible and sports and an absolute scardey cat when it comes to trying new things. But I love spending time outdoors just enjoying the natural beauty that God put on this earth for us to have. I used to clog in High School and enjoyed that very much. I also enjoy playing softball from time to time. My favorite non-camping place to be is Disneyland! I just love how magical the entire park is! I Love crafting as well! Anything that has to do with sewing or scrapbooking or crafts of any kind, I am all in! I am married and sealed to a wonderful man and we love spending time together doing things outdoors and just hangin out. I currently work as a CNA and although it is a stressful job at times, I love it. It has taught me so much about life and has given me so much respect for our ancestors and the elderly in general.

Why I am a Mormon

I am the youngest of ten children, and while my parents did a decent job of raising us and making sure that we learned all the values and beliefs of the gospel, some of my siblings decided it wasn't for them. I look at them and I think, how can you not know that it is true? How can you not live the gospel? And I believe it is because when they were young, they didn't gain a true foundation of the gospel; they didn't have that special relationship with their Father in Heaven and because of that, they fell away. This part makes me so sad because I love my family so much and I am so close to all of them but at the same time, this is what built my testimony up to what it is today. Most people look back on their lives and realize that the people who made them who they are are all the good influences that they looked up to growing up. Well, while I had PLENTY of good influences to look up to, I think that the things that shaped me most were looking at some of my older siblings and seeing the mistakes they were making and seeing how it was slowly destroying their lives one decision at a time. Because of that, at a very young age, I realized I NEVER wanted to go through something like that. I saw their lives and I saw the lives of people who were living the gospel and right then and there, I KNEW that living the gospel and following Jesus Christ was the only way to go. I can’t say it happened at a specific age, I just know that I was fairly young when I gained my testimony of the Gospel. Throughout the years, as I have learned more and studied and pondered things, my testimony has grown stronger, it has grown into something I am so proud of. I know that we can have personal relationships with our Father in Heaven and that he loves each and everyone of us. I know there is a living prophet on this Earth today. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that if we pray, we can receive personal revelation for our own lives. I know this Gospel is true.This is why I'm a Mormon

How I live my faith

I live my faith by first of all trying to be an example in my every day life. Although I am nowhere near perfect, I try my hardest to live my values and beliefs and be an example to look up to for those around me. I serve in my Church, along with my husband, as a Welfare Specialist. This title means that we are in charge of taking care of anyone in our ward or community that may need some help finding a job or may need some food taken to them. It also includes things like emergency preparedness, food storage, and many other essential basic needs in life. This calling is constantly making me prepare for things better in my own life and I love being able to help others that are in need more than myself.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Just look around you! Everything in this entire world suggests that there is a God. The fact that the sun is the perfect distance away from the Earth so that we don't get burned up but that there is enough heat and energy to sustain life. All of the different animals and life on this Earth and how life itself is created. The creations of all the beautiful landscapes around the world and the way the weather changes. The creation of human life and all the little details of our own bodies and how they all work together to create something that can think and act and move for itself. All of this and more is just so amazing and to think that anyone else but God created us and everything around us is absolutely impossible to believe. Show more Show less