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Hi I'm Heather

I grew up in Federal Way, Washington. I am a teacher and a ballroom dancer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a substitute teacher and I coach a youth ballroom dance team. My husband and I love watching movies by theme. We have watched the Harry Potter series, tons of Disney movies, and most recently we started watching Musicals! We feel so busy that we usually just watch segments at a time before we are too sleepy and have to turn it off and go to bed. We love to play catch, badminton, go jogging and be in the outdoors. I enjoy drawing and painting, cooking and baking, and traveling. We don't have kids yet, but we plan to have a couple some day. We joke that life is about having fun. We like to laugh at ourselves. Otherwise, live gets too hard. I love that in the hard times, we have the tools to feel the comfort of Heaven and the strength to overcome challenges.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up Mormon. I always believed what I was taught. But... there always comes a time when you have to do something for yourself to prove why you are doing what you're doing and if you really believe what you say you believe. There is a Book that is similar to the Bible that we believe too. The Book of Mormon. Just like the Bible is a record of prophets and the teachings of Christ in the Middle East, the Book of Mormon is a record of the prophets and teachings of Christ from people that lived in South and North America. I believe that a prophet was called in our generation, just like God always called prophets through all of history. This prophet was given the Book of Mormon as a sort of "proof" that he has been called as a prophet. The end of the book talks about how we can know if the book is true, like the bible, and that God is calling prophets just like he used to. When we read the book, or any book, or hear any new idea or doctrine, we can pray to God. I believe that He listens. I believe that he knows we are here. I believe that he loves us. I believe that he will help us know what is right and what we should do. I read the Book of Mormon, and did just that. I knelt and prayed and just asked, "God... is this really true? Because if it is, that means that the man who you gave it to is really a prophet like he says and that the church the he leads is really your church and where I should be." The answer came like a ton of bricks, but much softer. It was a swelling of warmth a confidence that, though not audible, felt like a loud "YES!" I knew it then, for sure, this church that claims to be the Jesus's real and true church, was true. There are times when that powerful feeling isn't in my heart. I have to remember that and many other experiences and remind myself of what I know. Those experiences motivate me to make sacrifices to serve others and do what I feel my Heavenly Father wants me to do. There is a strength and power that comes from those feelings.

How I live my faith

I work with the 12-13 year-old girls of the ward we live in. They are really precious. We enjoy doing service activities and other projects. They are sweet and goal-oriented. We learn together about the Savior, Jesus Christ, and work together and individually to try to be more like Him. We learn about faith, our divine nature as daughters of Heavenly Father, that we each are worth much to him and are capable of so much. We learn about how to make good choices, be honest in all we do an true to what we believe. We talk about how we can be pure and respect ourselves and others. I also have a few assignments to visit other women in the ward. At first it may feel like something to check of your to-do list, but I always come to love and admire and truly enjoy spending time with those ladies talking about life and the Gospel. My favorite part about living the Gospel, is the feeling that comes when you are trying to do what you know is right. I have had times when I felt like I was being spiritually lazy and it just feels empty. There is so much power and strength and peace that comes when you realized that Jesus is important to you and when you follow His example and His teachings, a warm, peaceful confidence lives in you and live becomes wonderful!