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Hi I'm Quinn

I'm from California. I'm serving a mission in Toronto, Canada. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a big family, I'm the 5th of 7 kids. 6 of us are brothers, and 1 sister. I was born and raised in Southern California and love everything about it. I love to play any sport, go to the beach, and being with my family and friends. I love competition in just about every way, I guess that just sort of tends to happen when you grow up in a family with 6 boys and along the way my sister sticks right in with us in being just as competitive. Those competitions have ranged from any sort of sports competition (basketball, volleyball, soccer) to fantasy football to video games to impromptu pull-up competitions. Whatever it may be, I love to win. Right now I am actually a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Canada, Toronto Mission and I am loving every minute of it. Before I volunteered to serve a mission I went to university at BYU-Idaho for 2 semesters and studied electrical engineering. Now I realize that Toronto and Idaho kind of have a pretty big difference in weather than California, but I have actually come to really enjoy snow. I am still working on actually being in the cold in general but you have got to take everything one step at a time, eh?

Why I am a Mormon

So, a lot of people tell me that the only reason I am really a part of this church is because when I was born, both my parents were members. I would like to say that that is completely false. In the past it might have been, but now I am a member of this church because I know for myself it is true. When I was growing up, I would live by the church standards and everything, but people would always tell me not to just grow up on the testimony of my parents, its important to know these things for yourself. From there, they would always explain that the exact way to know for yourself would be to bring the question to your mind as to whether these things are true, pray and specifically ask God if they are true and to read from the scriptures (meaning the Bible and the Book of Mormon) with that question in mind. Well, when I was younger I already felt like I knew everything to be true for myself so obviously none of that really applied to me, so outside of just doing that stuff with my family and in church, I never really did it. I finally got to the point in my life, where I realized I just did not know these things for myself for sure, so I finally did it. The first time I personally read from the Book of Mormon and then got on my knees to pray. What really surprised me was after that first prayer, to be honest, I didnt really notice much of a change but I felt as though I had done the right thing so I kept doing it. It wasnt until I had kept doing it for the next 2 months where I looked back and saw that somehow my entire life had changed. I had the spirit of God more in my life. I was happier, I was more confident. Because of these things, I had been making more friends than I had in a long time. In general, my life was better. Since that time, I have kept reading from the scriptures and praying to my Heavenly Father, and now I really can say that I know that all I have been taught is true. I know my purpose in this life. Most importantly, I know God loves me.

How I live my faith

So, I mentioned earlier that I was serving a mission. That means that I volunteer to pay my way to come to wherever I am sent for 2 years. If you're still a little unsure as to what a missionary is, just think of those random guys who ride around bikes in their suits with little name badges on their pockets. Yup, thats me right now, but I want to focus a bit on what I did before I came out as a missionary. Before I was a missionary I was a pretty regular guy. I went to High School, then moved on to university, did homework, played games with friends, went to church every sunday. At church though, I would learn all about my saviour Jesus Christ, all the things He did, why He did them. Basically he was an awesome guy who would do anything to help any of us out, and he still does. As I learned about those things, it made me want to be more like him. It sounds kind of cliche but that's actually how I felt, so I tried to make my life in a way so I could grow to be like Him. I chose not to swear even though that's all I heard all day in school, it just doesn't make anyone really feel good, why should I say stuff like that? I chose to avoid any parties where there was alcohol present, it just makes you lose your brain for a while, I want to remember my good times. I chose not to participate in any sports activities or hang out with friends or things like that on Sundays. Sunday was family day, that was the day that God gave us to be closer to Him and our families. I made sure to do all these things but I still didn't chew anyone out for not doing what I felt like I should do, everyone needs to make their own decisions for themselves. As for me, when I made those decisions, I knew it made me happier.