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Hi I'm Corey Lindley

I'm the father of eight. I'm an equity partner in a global business. I love sports. I have an amazing wife and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in an a rural farming community. My father was the football coach at the local high school, was a teacher at the school and ran on small farm on the side. My summer mornings and days were filled with hauling hay, moving sprinkler pipe and tending for the animals on the farm. The evenings were all about sports. Whether it was working out with the football team, or playing tennis, golf, softball or basketball I loved my life! I was able to attend a university before and after my LDS mission and graduated with a degree in Accounting and then earned an MBA degree. A week after graduating with my accounting degree I married an amazing woman that I had known in high school. We didn't date in high school, but had many common friendsl. After my LDS mission and her LDS mission we started dating and were engaged nine days later! We were married shortly after graduation and have been married for 27 years. I worked for one of the large international Big Four accounting firms for several years prior to accepting a job as an International Controller for a global business. I worked with this company for nearly 20 years traveling extensively to many countries around the world helping the business expand. With my family of eight children we lived in Hong Kong, Japan and Mainland China and Melbourne, Australia loving each of those experiences. I am now an equity partner in a large global enterprise that helps people have a healthier, happier and more productive life.

Why I am a Mormon

I've been a Mormon my entire life. My parents are Mormon, My grandparents and great grandparents were Mormon. I appreciate this heritage and am so grateful for the sacrifice of my pioneer ancestors who gave all they had for their faith in the Savior. However, even with this heritage I needed to determine if I wanted to be a Mormon. I was baptized at the age of eight, received the Priesthood of God at the age of twelve and have been faithful to the principles and doctrines of the Church throughout my life. My conviction as a Mormon started young and has continued to grow throughout my life. There was never a singular moment that changed me, but rather a series of events that have given me the knowledge that the path I am on is what the Lord wants me to be doing in my life. There are four things that solidify the foundation of my testimony. 1) We have a prophet on the earth. I saw the prophet for the first time when I was 12 years old and attended a temple dedication. At that time, I had a strong impression that the prophet was God's messenger and when I see, hear or read the prophets message I continue to have this same strong conviction through the Holy Ghost. 2) The Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I love the teachings from the Book of Mormon and read from its pages daily. I know that the book is from God and it would have been impossible for Joseph and his family and friends in the 1820s to have written that book. 3) Families are eternal. I was raised by amazing parents that loved me and I love my wife and each of my eight children and their families. The love that I have for them is not of this world. It is beyond anything temporal in this life and I know that it is eternal. 4) God lives. I love the beauties of nature and this amazing world in which we live. I know that God is the grand creator of this earth and that as His children we have been placed on this earth for His purposes. As his children, we can become as He is.

How I live my faith

My faith in Jesus Christ and trying to be like Him defines my personal and professional life. First, in my family I try (although I am far from perfect) to be the type of husband and father that the Savior would want me to be. I know that my relationship with my wife will continue after this life and so the day-to-day challenges of life are easily resolved. Also I know that my major focus in life is to serve my wife and my children. Whether it is making breakfast for the family or trying to help with the laundry (not as often as I should) I know that service is key to being the type of husband the Savior wants me to be. As a father of eight children I've learned that the answers to parenthood that I thought I had figured out when I was young have all changed!!! I am always learning about parenthood and always trying to find ways to better support my children. I have enjoyed serving in church callings such as with the youth in my church group where I directly interface with my children on a religious level and also get to participate with them and their friends in activities. This helps me better understand who they are and what concerns they have in life. Also, in serving in the church as the leader of a group of full time missionaries, I have interacted with hundreds of 18-25 year old young men and young women getting to know them and supporting them in all aspects of their lives. This has helped me better understand the challenges of young single adults in my family and in our community. As a business owner there are opportunities everyday to strive to be more like the Savior. As the Chief Financial Officer of a company with about 1,000 employees it very fulfilling to know that decisions such as employee benefits, hiring practices, salary and benefit issues, can and should be resolved and addressed in a Christ-like manner. I know that values and principles taught by the Savior are for the business world as well as in our personal and family life.

How is the Book of Mormon different from the Bible? How did Joseph Smith obtain the “golden plates” or Book of Mormon?

Corey Lindley
The Book of Mormon was written for our day. The Lord instructed prophets to write things from their times in ancient America that would be important for our day. The Bible is wonderful. It contains teachings in both the Old Testament and the New Testament from ancient prophets and others. What happened on the earth during those times is very important for us to understand in our day. We learn about the creation of the world, ancient Israel the invaluable life and teachings of the Savior and His Ministry and then some of the teachings of the apostles to new followers of Christ in the epistles of the New Testament such as the writings to the Romans, the saints in Corinth, the saints in Thessalonia, etc. The Book of Mormon is unique because it is written for our day. It was written by ancient prophets as directly by the Lord so that we can have the messages of hope for our day. For example, our family's favorite Book of Mormon scripture is Mosiah 2:41 which teaches us the key to happiness in this life and the eternities. The Book of Mormon is the compilation of many ancient writings that were largely abridged by the prophet historian Mormon. He was directed by God as to which of the things he should include so that they would be relevant for our day. This prophet's son, Moroni (who also contributed to the effort by recording things for our day) appeared to Joseph who then translated by the gift and power of God. Show more Show less