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Hi I'm Victoria McArthur

I'm from Utah. I love writing. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Writing is something I find joy in. I spend a few hours every day trying to improve my skills in expressing myself through words. I'm majoring in English Secondary Education so that I can teach students important lessons through literature. There's a lot of good in this world. People of all backgrounds and cultures have sought to improve every aspect of life. Authors, artists, politicians and the common man strive to make not only our own lives, but other's better. I won't lie and say that life is always happy. Every one of us I'm sure has had moments where darkness surrounds us, and pain, physical and emotional threatens to overwhelm our hearts. It is going through this dreary world that makes us human. I find joy in writing and literature because it is through the words of others that humanity can be changed. Alfred Lord Tennyson in his poem "In Memoriam" states " And like a man in wrath the heart stood up and answer'd, "I have felt." No, like a child in doubt and fear: But that blind clamour made me wise; then was I as a child that cries. But crying, knows his father near.” Someday I hope to write with a soul filled with such passion. It is my goal to be a published author. More importantly it’s my goal to write something that will have meaning. I love people and have a desire to trust those that I meet. The cool thing is that we're all so different! It amazes me just how much good we're all capable of doing.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I cannot deny the love of my Savior. I get this feeling inside of me of pure joy and peace. To think there was a man who was willing to suffer and die so that I could repent from my sins. His love is something I feel everywhere. There have been times I have felt completely alone. At school I'd sit by myself, I felt friendless and unimportant. Often I would pray and ask why? Why am I the way I am? How come I couldn't be stronger or more intelligent? It is through this gospel that I know that through my weaknesses I can become strong. When sorrow threatens to consume me with its hateful grief I think of Christ. When I turn to him I know that everything will be okay. By reading the Book of Mormon and praying to my Heavenly Father I find hope that is more powerful than the pain of being alone. For years I was terrified of my own thoughts. At night I'd lie down and feel I had fallen into complete oblivion. Terror had taken over everything. For hours I'd stare at my door, curled up and fearing for my life. One night I lay on my bed, so paralyzed I couldn't kneel. I repeated over and over again "Please make it stop." Peace washed over me. The nauseating tightness inside lessened and I knew Heavenly Father had listened to my simple prayer. I felt the impression to ask for a blessing. A blessing is a gift given to us by God through Priesthood Authority. It gives direction, peace and healing. After obtaining this blessing the fears I had for years subsided and are now a testament of the everlasting love my Father has for me. I know that he's ready to extend his love to everyone. Even in the depths of sin one can come to Christ. We are all worthy of his love and he's searching for us. When I now feel afraid and alone I look to him for comfort. I'm a Mormon because the spirit has testified of its truthfulness and I've never felt so much joy.

How I live my faith

Every Monday night I participate in Family Home Evening.This is a time set aside, where one can be with their family and grow closer together. In college we also have this get together. In my last semester I was in charge of coming up with activities and looking after the other students in my group. Myself with another student would get together and discuss the needs of every person. It's amazing to take a step back and look at each of my peers as another person. Suddenly the trials that they were going through and also the happiness they felt became personal. We tried to make each activity specific to their needs while bring our school family together. We do a similar thing where the sisters in the ward each visit another sister in pairs. Every month I go to one sister's house and we discuss needs that they have. School can be a stressful time. Homework, tests, essays all leading to finals can really put someone on edge. When I visit someone, especially at the end of the semester I try to keep them in my heart. I pray for them and try to empathize how they must feel while going through these difficult times. What is most important however is getting to know them. I've created such powerful friendships with those I've met through Family Home Evening and also visiting. The friends I've made are so important to me. I try to help them through the hard times of life and find they provide strength for me.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Victoria McArthur
Our destiny is not just to exist. Have you felt that you were capable of so much more? That life is something meaningful, and personal? We all have a divine purpose. Each one of us is on this earth for a reason. This dreary existence is not the end but a small time of preparation. Joy awaits us because we live in a world both of sorrow and happiness, pain and health. We are here to learn and become more like God. Because he loves us and wants us to feel joy. On this earth we receive a physical body. We have the ability to make choices, both good and bad. Through what you experience in this life, you have the ability to become more like your Heavenly Father. Also, we can create relationships in our family, that may become eternal. It is by working towards these things that you can find the joy Heavenly Father wants you to have. You will return back to His presence. It is by living a Christ-like life that one finds peace. This pertains both to this life and all of eternity. Show more Show less