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Hi I'm Kolby

I grew up in Washington. I've played soccer for as long as I can remember. I like to have a good time. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've never really known how to describe myself. My mom says I'm frustratingly indecisive, but I'm not so sure. My dad says I'm unique, but I feel pretty average. My four siblings all say I provide comical relief to the family, sometimes at the most inopportune times. Most often, I just don't think they appreciate the effort that goes in to creating my own laffy taffy and knock knock jokes. I'll admit that some flop like a twelve-year-old at the pool, but others actually get a small chuckle -- whether out of politeness, sheer bewilderment, or genuine laughter, I will never know. When I fail to produce the comical relief in our house, our two pugs always heroically come through. One of them could easily be compared to Scrappy Doo, while the other is more like Eeyore. The combination of the two make for hilarious moments between them. Ever since the days of little orange cones and those blue and yellow reversible jerseys, I have always loved soccer. When I was a kid, I took a shot at just about every sport available to me, and enjoyed almost all of them. But none of them compared to the world's most popular sport. As I got older, my love for the game only grew. The tactical strategies, quick movements, patient redistribution, and the incomparable jubilation of scoring all contribute to the thrill of soccer.

Why I am a Mormon

A church leader during the early 20th century once described exactly how I now feel about my testimony: “You ask me to tell you how I received my testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true Church of God. I cannot tell you, for I do not know myself. That I have such a testimony, an unquestionable knowledge of the truth of this work, I am most certain; but how or when such knowledge came to me I know not any more than I know the moment which marks the passing away of night and the dawning of day.” I don't have any incredible experience or landmark moment that marks my conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was born into the church, and was obedient as a child to go to church with my parents and siblings. Over time, as I learned more about it, the gospel became a huge part of my life, taking up a huge part of my time. Then even more slowly still, the gospel became a huge part of who I am, not just something I do, but something I know and have integrated into the very fabric of my being, permeating every activity in which I engage. So, as I have experimented on the words of the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, I have came to know the gospel is true. When I was unsure of the truthfulness of any teaching of the church, I put it to the test by implementing it into my life. As I did so, I was able to see God bless me for following His Commandments. Whenever I am confused, lost, or troubled in any way, I find comfort in praying to God, my Heavenly Father, who knows me perfectly and wants nothing more than to be able to help me to be happy. Then I turn to the scriptures, true accounts of prophets commissioned by God to lead and guide His people. I can always find the answers I need by praying and studying the scriptures. We are all children of God, who loves us individually. Jesus Christ suffered and died for each of us that we can all have a chance to qualify for returning to live with God for eternity.

How I live my faith

At least once a month, I take the opportunity with my dad to visit an older couple who live with her very aged mother and a single mother who lives with her adult bipolar son. We sit down and talk with them about the things going on in their lives, their worries, struggles, goals, and successes. Basically, our goal is to be friends that they can turn to with anything. Whether they need help with painting the house, or cleaning up the planters, we are there to help them, along with sharing in the joys and sadnesses of their family lives. Also, I helped with the leadership of the 16-18 year old boys youth group. Along with two other boys in leadership positions and our adult advisers, we planned weekly activities, made assignments for each Sunday at church, and saw to the individual needs of each one of the 9-12 other boys. When someone was struggling with their testimony and wasn't coming to church very often, we would visit them with cookies or something to let them know they were missed. We really tried to make it like a band of brothers, each of us looking out for each other, not only at church but at school or wherever else we saw each other.