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Hi I'm Drew

I grew up in Idaho. I like to write short stories and thoughts that cross my mind. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I recently graduated high school, but while there, I took a few dual-enrollment courses. They were Calculus and Statistics. From those classes, I learned more about the large, and somewhat overwhelming, world of Mathematics. Before I took these courses, I considered myself an advanced person when it came to Math, but after, I didn't think I was advanced, more on the between the lines of Proficient and Advanced. However, Math is only one of my talents the other, that I discovered while in high school, is writing. I love to explore and combine a variety of different words, synonyms, and acronyms, to create sentences, which create stories. The ability to express one's self can be magnified through writing and verbal expression. Most of the time I chose, and prefer, the former versus the latter, but that doesn't mean I won't speak at all. Being able to ponder what you say before you say it, makes a great difference to me.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up with the church all around me, my parents were members, and they believed that their children would hopefully continue on in faith that they would discover for themselves, that this is the true church of God. I'm the youngest in my family, and as I watched my siblings start to, from what I could tell, fall away and go astray, I didn't understand. It took some years and my own experiences to realize what they might have been thinking and what might have caused them to fall away. It came to me only after I discovered that I myself might be falling away, but there were two great times in my life where I had moments of great epiphany and conversion. The first one is hard to explain and wasn't necessarily as effective as the second one. That one occurred soon after my cousin, who is my best friend, was married and sealed for time and all eternity in the House of the Lord, the temple. I wasn't able to be there, because you must receive a special recommend allowing you entrance into the place inside where the sealing took place. But I did attend the reception shortly thereafter. After that was over, and the newly married couple had left with smiles on their faces, and bright optimism for they're future, I returned to my grandparent's house, where he and his family were staying and on occasion I would stay too, to capture all that had happened that day. I was overcome with grief knowing that things wouldn't be the same. He was, and still is, like a physical brother to me. With those sad feelings of reminiscent times past, I remembered how happy he and his new wife looked and felt. I feel to my knees and prayed to my Heavenly Father, asking if I could be as happy as they are/were. I felt renewed and knew I must follow Him in faith and must repent for my sins, and that I could be that happy, if I followed His commandments, and promised to change.

How I live my faith

I haven't been the most faithful to my Father in Heaven as I have gone through my years, but as I have progressed, I've discovered my own personal feelings and understandings of why this religion is the truth. Certain events in my life have manifested what truth is and where to find it. That's why after all these years of existence on Earth, I've decided to choose to serve God, the Father, and his Son, Jesus Christ, in the mission field, where I will faithfully commit myself to Him, by serving and testifying unto the sheep He has of this fold, that the true church is here on Earth once again.