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Hi I'm Max Johnson

I'm Max Johnson. I love sports, outdoors, music, and everything active! But most of all, I love my family. I am a Mormon!

About Me

I am making this profile as an eighteen year old just having graduated from high school! I am so exited for my future... I've been told the best parts of life lie ahead, but I loved my high school days:) I was in student government, played football, played lacrosse, ran a bit of track and wrestled some. I love to see myself start working on something and progress. But i think the most amazing part of life is being out in nature or just enjoying the beauty of the world God has created for us. Jesus Christ has played a huge role in my life up to this point. I was born into a great home with EXTREMELY loving parents and amazing siblings. As I grew older I had somewhat of a testimony of Jesus Christ and my Father in Heaven. But as I grew and worked my way through high school, I always felt something was missing... I felt a lack of deeper purpose, I wasn't truly confident or positive. Until the summer before my Junior year. I had several experiences that brought me to my knees and really required me to call upon my Savior. I began to feel a peace and confidence I had never experienced before. I knew who I was, I knew that I was a Son of the most Beautiful, Powerful, Loving Being in the world. A Father who allowed His Perfect Son, to be broken and ultimately crucified... All because they love me. Individually. This feeling of love has brought purpose and joy to my life. Ever since that summer, I began to enjoy life, friends and my family to a degree I never thought possible!

Why I am a Mormon

I, like many, love Jesus Christ. The reason I am a Mormon is because of the witness I have received time and time again that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only complete true church upon the face of the earth. I know through personal prayer and study that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and absolutely did see The Father and The Son. I know that the true Priesthood, the power of Jesus Christ, is here upon the earth again! I know this because I have seen the miracles of comfort and healing it can provide. The biggest way i have been able to obtain a firm testimony is from reading the book of Mormon. I began reading the Book of Mormon for the first time the summer before my Junior year. My life has changed dramatically since then, and I know that nothing can bring a change like that unless it is straight from God. I came to know the love of Jesus Christ from reading the pages of that book, and it is amazing the effect that book has had on me. Perhaps the thing that affirms my testimony of this Gospel is that the invitation to have joy and peace is for absolutely EVERYONE. Things I KNOW about God is that He loves ALL of His children, and wants ALL of us to return to live with Him, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone. I absolutely know that my savior lives, I know that He will come again, and He wants every single one of us to return to live with Him. There is no greater peace, joy or love in the world, than the one you can find right here in the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That is why I am a Mormon, and that is why I want to share the message of the restored gospel with you. I love you:) In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

How I live my faith

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is an amazing thing. There is something specific in it that touches each of our hearts in a unique way. I think the aspect of the gospel that really touched my heart is Charity. In the scriptures, Charity is referred to as the "Pure love of Christ." The Charity I have felt from my Savior and Heavenly Father is an amazing thing. As I began to see myself as a son of God, I could not help but to see others the same way. As you begin to see everyone as more than people, and you begin to see them as your Eternal Brothers and Sisters, everything changes. You begin to see them as who Jesus Christ can help them become. And that is a beautiful sight. The love of the Savior is so infinite and pure, and it has changed my life, and this year, I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve on the Seminary Council at my high school. Seminary is a place where students can go to learn about Jesus Christ and His Gospel. My assignment as a council member was to be an example of the standards the Lord has set for the youth and to take care of my peers. We had amazing experiences as a council. We saw many of the kid's demeanors completely change as they learned of Christ's atonement and love for them on a very personal and individual basis. These opportunities to serve and observe students changed my life. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a tool in the hands of my Father in Heaven. There is nothing more rewarding than spreading the love that Jesus Christ has for each one of us. I live my faith through Charity. This is something that has changed my life. The world deserves to feel the love I have been able to feel, and Jesus Christ is just waiting to give it to others. I know that through Jesus Christ my life has been changed for the better, and I know that through it the world can and will be changed for the better. I live my faith by trying to show Charity to all of God's children.

What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Max Johnson
The essence of Jesus Christ's gospel is to help others. I think one of the most beautiful things we can do as Christians is to help others. I think the way the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints helps other people is amazing. They help developing or devastated areas recover by providing necessities, but more than that, they help people become self reliant to where they can begin to recoup on their own with help and charity of others. Show more Show less