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Hi I'm C.J. Perry

I'm a missionary, I make movies, I love videogames, I'm a son, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have a great family, they gave me a fun childhood full of the gospel light. Though my parents tried very hard to teach their children correct values, for most of my life it just didn't stick. For a long time I really didn't know if God was there or even if it mattered, but I stayed in the church because I didn't know anything else, then when I got older I decided to learn for myself. I studied the Book of Mormon and took the challenge found in Moroni 10: 3-5. I asked Heavenly Father if he was there and if the Book of Mormon was scripture. I can tell you it is. that night I recieved the strongest feeling. It overcame my whole being. I know this in the true church. I soon after prepared and left for a mission for the church and am now serving in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission. It was amazing to see the ballance that came into my life throught the Gospel, I am able to do things I love like playing videogames (when I get off of my mission) and hanging out with friends and am able to live the gospel while doing it. I love being a Mormon, it adds fullness and happiness to my life, especially when I can share it with others. I hope to be able to use my talents one day and make videogames that can help me to do just that.

Why I am a Mormon

While I was groing up I was taught by my parents the teachings of the Jesus Christ. They were the best parents I could have ever had, but I still wasn't sure about what they taught me. During much of my adolesence I wondered if there was a God and frankly even if it mattered. Then as I got older and came closer to moving out I quickly realized that wondering about those things wasn't good enough, I needed to know for myself. I love science, facts, things that I can see for my self; and I often don't believe things unless I can have an experience myself or some kind of confirming witness; whether by sight, hearing, taste, or touch. I really had a "If you can't prove it to me with my five senses than it doesn't exist" kind of attitude toward it. Within my few years of living aware of who I was and what was going on I eventually got to a point of uncertainty. I had heard all these powerful testimonies of people talking about how strong they felt the spirit when..., or how they loved to hear the Prophet speak because they knew he was a servant of the Lord. I didn't understand what they were talking about. I had no clue what any of that felt like. After being unable for so long to feel what the spirit was really like I finally decided to take it into my own hands. I decided to do as my parents had asked me to do all along, I read from the Book of Mormon and then prayed to God. At the time I did this I still didn't even know if God was there, but when I prayed and asked Him if He was there and if the Book of Mormon was true the strongest feeling came over me. A powerful witness from the Holy Ghost, although I did not know that is exactly what it was at the time, overcame me filling every fiber of my being. At that moment it was so clear that my Heavenly Father Lives, He loves me, and he has provided the Book of Mormon for me so that I can know exactly how to access his gift that he gave through his son, the Great and Infinite Atonement of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

Currently I am serving as a full-time missionary for the Church in the New England area, but I recognize that after my two years are over that the mission doesn't end. I will forever be a missionary for my Savior. I have always participated in the churches youth programs and have participated in church service, but I plan to do so much more after I get home. I want my faith to continue molding and shaping my life. I want to be as much like the savior as I possibly can and so as I move into the future I plan to influence everyting I do with my faith. I want to make videogames that can inspire people to be better and to do better in their own lives just as the Savior wants for us. I want to create media that can uplift people and instills good values that any Christian could be proud of. I try to live my life in such a way that people can tell I am a true deciple of Jesus Christ. That is how I live my faith.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

C.J. Perry
The Atonement is the perfect example of the pure love of Christ. He suffered for every pain, affliction, sickness, suffering, temptation, and sin that we ever would experience. His Atonement was universal and all encompasing, freeing all from the effects of our own fallen state brought upon us by our state as mortals. It is the finishing touch to what Adam and Eve started when they left the Garden of Eden. That event broght death and sin into the world and because of Jesus Christ all will live again. Beyond that if we turn to him and accept his Atoning help we can be lifted above our sin back to our Heavenly Father rather than eternal damnation. Eternal prgression awaits all who accept and eternal stagnation for all who do not. Show more Show less