What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Megan

I am a student, a musician, a writer, and a returned missionary.

About Me

I love the simple things in life. When it’s raining, I like to sit by the window and read a good book. I love getting a letter in the mail. A handwritten one. I get the butterflies when I see a good photograph or hear a good song. I love being surrounded by nature. I love the fresh mountain air. "People are wonderful. Each one has a story. Each has something to give." -Marjorie Pay Hinckley-

Why I am a Mormon

I had a friend in high school who has the strongest testimony I have ever seen, and he would share it often. One day he told me that "of all the things I am, of all the things I believe in and enjoy, the gospel is the single most important thing to me in my life.” His words left a profound impact on me. I couldn’t understand how something like religion could be the most important thing in anyone's life, let alone his, but I could see in the way that he lived, that the gospel truly was the most important thing to him. I wanted to have that much faith in and love for my Savior and Father in Heaven, to have a love and faith so strong that they became the most important part of me. I grew up in the church, my family was very active in the church, but at the time I had fallen into some bad habits, and so when I made the decision to try and become like my friend, it wasn’t an easy transition. It's hard to go from a life of sin to one of righteousness. It took lots of prayer and scripture study for me to feel like I had left my old life behind. But ever so slowly, the gospel has become the single most important thing to me in my life, just as it had for my friend. All I had to do was participate. I started to listen in all my church meetings, to actively participate in seminary, to read the scriptures daily. The blessings of doing so were more than just a testimony, but a firm foundation upon the Rock of my Redeemer. My whole life had been changed for the better, and it's all because someone decided to open up to me and share what he knows to be true. I am a Mormon because this is the gospel of joy. In my darkest hours, the times where I thought there was no hope, the light of Christ shined through and rescued me. There is no other source of a joy so pure than the joy found in Christ’s true church--The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

How I live my faith

Everyday I strive to become a little more like Christ. By studying my scriptures daily I learn how to live as He did when He was on the Earth. I hope to be a positive example, and light, to those around me. When I was 19 left home to serve The Lord as a Full-Time Missionary. I served for one amazing year in the Indiana Indianapolis Mission. My mission was cut short due to health reasons, but since coming home I have learned so much more about the Atonement and how it applies to more than just sin. I want everyone to feel the same love that I feel from my Savior's sacrifice. For me, being a Mormon isn't just a cultural thing--it's my lifestyle. It's who I am! Because I have a relationship with God I can trust that everything happens for a reason because it is all a part of His plan. I look for His hand in my day, and I look for the ways I have been His hands in my day. As a missionary I learned how to look for His Grace in my day during our evening accountability and planning sessions, and it's stuck with me. His Grace is in every detail. "Jesus doesn't just MAKE UP the difference. Jesus MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Grace is not about filling gaps. It's about filling US." -Brad Wilcox-

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

We are sent to this earth, to live this life, so that we can learn. Heavenly Father loves us so much that he wants us to become more like him. He wants us to have experiences that will test us, that will give us joy, that will teach us more than we can even imagine. Because he loves us, he wants us to receive a physical body (something that we could not have unless we first came to this earth). He wants us to have our agency (the ability to choose). We come to earth with a divine purpose--it's different for each of us, but we all have one. Heavenly Father has blessed us each individually will talents that will help us along our journey in this life. At the end of our time on earth, our Father in Heaven hopes we will have lived in such a way that will allow us to return to live with Him in His Kingdom. Because in the end, His greatest desire is that we will return to Him. Like any parent, He wants of His children to be happy and to stay close to Him. Show more Show less