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Hi I'm Michelle

I'm a wife and a mother of 7. I love teaching, camping, baking, reading and writing letters, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Being a mother of 7 children is the heart of my life. I teach 5th grade and love learning about and teaching American History and helping students discover the love of reading. My creative side rules over my organized side, but I never quit trying. Playing the piano, singing, writing, making cookies, watching good movies with popcorn, and reading are a few of my favorite things. With my family we love camping, playing games and bar-b-q's and laughing. When I was not yet 3, my father (an extraordinarily talented man) underwent exploratory brain surgery which left him paralyzed, no longer able to reason as before, and unable to care for himself. My mother raised us children and took care of my father while going back to school and then working more than full time to support our family. I was raised by two angels and learned many sweet lessons not everyone gets the chance to learn. There is no question in my mind of the reality of Heavenly Father's Plan for families to live together with Him forever!

Why I am a Mormon

Even though I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I sought to know for myself if this gospel were true. A deep, all-encompassing feeling of peace and assurance accompanies all that is good and right and true. The gospel, the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, and the Savior's ways always fill me with that same solid good feeling so complete that there is no room for doubt. As missionaries riding bikes through town one particular time, a man loitering outside a corner bar yelled something unkind at us as we rode by. My companion slammed on her brakes ,and we went right up to that man,asked him about his family, then began to share the Joseph Smith story with him. I love that story with all my heart, but this time as I spoke, I began to see how strange the story must sound to him. A young boy of 14 visited by God? And then by even more angels? I was about to share about another angel's visit, and I could tell how crazy it all sounded to that man. I left disconcerted having seen what I so love, for the first time, from the uninterested, worldly perspective of another . For days afterward, I pondered, I prayed, I thought, I searched within to be sure of what I knew. The patient Spirit filled my soul once again with the unmistakable complete peace and assurance that Joseph Smith really did see God and his Son, Jesus Christ, and truly was taught by angels. I knew it, and I knew it completely. The Savior's ways of right and good and true will always feel good to the heart,mind and soul. Many times I have received powerful answers to prayers, received peace, consolation, and strengthening from Heavenly Father. Time and again he has taken my weaknesses and made me equal to a task I alone could not have taken on. He is real. Those witnesses of the spirit are real. That's why I'm a Mormon. "For in His strength I can do all things."

How I live my faith

Nothing is more important to me than that my children grow up to love the Lord, choose the right, and serve others. For 18 months, I served a mission in Uruguay, South America, and now after 33 years of marriage, my husband and I are heading to serve a mission together in the Oregon Salem Mission. I have watched first hand the transformation in those who found and accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is like a light coming on from within. I love any chance to serve Heavenly Father in any way that's needed. I have worked with the toddlers, young children, young boys in Cub Scouts, the young women, women of all ages, teaching, and always with the music. To me, the spirit of the Lord speaks most powerfully through the beautiful music of the gospel. Our neighborhoods organized an emergency team in which I trained. That was hard, but good. My mother and father lived next to us until they passed away. Learning from them and being able to serve them was a bit of heaven. Teaching 5th grade is a challenge I love taking on! Working with children is rewarding, and I can see how MUCH family life effects children for good or for bad. Family is the most powerful influence in a child's life. To me, the best way to live my faith is to help my family to love the gospel, to serve others and to love the Lord before all else by trying to show them how. While on my mission in Uruguay, I had an experience that taught me very powerfully to never ever give up, so a quitter I am not. We have a son with muscular dystrophy, who has taught us many meaningful lessons of Life and loves to serve others. I have experienced the real and heart-changing power of Matthew 5:44, "Love your enemy, do good those who hate you, pray for those that spitefully use you..." The Savior and His ways lead to true happiness.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

My daughter had a Spanish class . She did excellent on the assignments. An "A" in the class was her goal, but to earn that "A," she also had to pass a series of tests during the last week. Try as she might, she kept failing each test. She studied in every free minute, stayed up late studying and still got up very early to study, and for every time she failed she doubled her efforts! I honestly have never seen anyone work like she did. She did everything in her power -- and more to succeed to no avail. One of the last nights we were studying together before time was up, I suddenly realized the problem! Somewhere in her 3 years of Spanish, she had missed the how-to of basic verb conjugations. And here she was, tyring to conjugate very complicated ones without that basic understanding. There was no time left to start at the beginning. Because she had done everything in her power, and the solution was beyond her ability, I decided to speak with the teacher. He listened as I spoke in her behalf and explained everything. He chose to find a way for her to make up for what she couldn't do herself, after all she could do. As I drove away from the school that morning, I suddenly realized that that is exactly what the Savior does for us when we have done our very best and it isn't enough. He goes to Heavenly Father and makes up the difference for each of us when our own best isn't quite enough. His grace is based on His love for us and our own best efforts. Show more Show less