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Hi I'm Jessica Bussell

I'm a Mormon I have been my whole life. I decided to serve a mission, called to Houston, TX.

About Me

I love my family they mean the world to me. I love spending time with them. We have so many wonderful family traditions that we share together. I look forward to all of them. We have taken so many wonderful vacations. Made so many lasting memories. One of my favorites being the Bahamas. Were just about to go on our first cruise together to the Eastern Caribbean. Family means everything to me and this is why I love being a member of this church because so much emphasis is placed on families...Families Are Forever!!!! This is a big part of my testimony. Not just my family here with me but also those that have past on before me...my ancestors and the legacies they have left. I believe we are all connected together in a common goal and purpose. I wonder what their lives were like and when I read about their lives and their hardships I feel very blessed. One huge blessing in my life is having worked at the same company with my father for over three years. It's a family owned business so again families have played a huge role in my life. I have had the privilege of also working with my only brother for the past few months and I will treasure the time we've spent together as we both are heading out on missions at the same time. We are leaving behind our two younger sisters I think they are gonna be loving all that extra attention. I know we will be taken care of with lots of letters and packages cause that's what family does. They are always there for you no matter what.

Why I am a Mormon

I have a very simple testimony. I say this because I was born into a family that lived the gospel. I was taught early on that I was a child of God. That I mattered not only to my earthly parents but I also mattered to my Heavenly parents. I was taught that my Heavenly parents loved me very much and that they wanted me to return safely home. When I was a small girl I have memories of being sad or having lost something that was special to me and my parents helped me understand the importance of kneeling and talking to my Heavenly Father like He was my best friend. That He would listen to me and help me with my problems. I grew up having experiences that helped my faith begin to grow. As I had more of these experiences I felt like He cared and was there for me. This helped my faith to grow stronger and stronger and I relied more and more on the power of prayer. I was also taught to read a very special book and to learn stories from ancient times about prophets and civilizations that existed how they were either righteous or lived in sin and how it effected nations. I read these stories and learned about making choices. I realized early on in my life that I had the freedom to make good choices and when I did this I felt good inside. Then there were other times when perhaps I made choices that weren't so good and I felt the sorrow and guilt that comes from those kinds of choices. Through this trial and error and having parents that loved me unconditionally and patiently helped me see the value in choosing wisely. Over time I learned that this brought an abundance of peace and happiness in my life. I believe my testimony didn't happen miraculously nor did it happen with one incredible experience it happened over many years of praying and reading my scriptures attending church meetings regularly. It happened in small moments when my heart was touched by my Heavenly Father's love when I knew that He heard my quiet whispers and He answered me in ways I knew only He could.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith not just once a week as I attend church but I try and live it everyday. One way I try and do this is by being a good example to those around me. Trying to live by the Golden Rule...treating others the way I would like to be treated. Honesty is very important to me. I believe in helping others in lifting them up and helping them feel better about themselves. Being positive with others goes a long way and proves to be a great way to make friends and build strong relationships with others. I love the gospel and I feel like it shows as I am the same person regardless of who I am around. I try to speak kind words about others because gossiping and judging others belittles and makes others feel less than they are. I do not believe this is how God would want any of us to feel. So forgiveness is huge on my list because I have found it helps me feel better to let go and trust that God knows best. I have a heart that is happy by choosing to live my faith each and every day to the very best of my abilities. It feels good and I am grateful for the many opportunities that living my faith has afforded me throughout my life.