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Hi I'm Jayce Alan Perkins

My name is Jayce Alan Perkins I love history, cosplay, European Martial Arts, my family, and Jesus Christ. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was 2 years old I had a very different personality than most infants. After a few tests I was diagnosed with Autism. My parents were told that I wouldn't be able to talk with people, show affection, or show any interest in anything or anyone at all. Soon after that I was placed in Behavioral Therapy to learn how to better control myself. I had many struggles throughout my life. I learned at a much slower rate than most. But with the loving support of my parents, the guidance of my Heavenly Father I never gave up on myself. And because of that each day was a chance for me to improve. When I was 15 I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. At a young age I had a very unique obsession with pirates it started when I went on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. And that sparked an interest for me with the people, culture, how they lived, etc. This began a life long interest for me in history from ancient times, to the Middle Ages and beyond. It also sparked an interest to learn about the history of my family as well. So I would also spend a lot of time talking with my grand parents and learning more about history from them as well. I am also a major nerd I love fantasy, science fiction, reading, movies, anime, cosplay, and gaming. I have a deep interest in learning, despite my disability. My favorite types of literature are historical fiction, drama, fantasy, and horror. I love water, I swam competitively in high school, became a lifeguard, and taught children how to swim.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I was born into the church. But I know that God has chosen me to come to earth at this time and age, at the fullness of the gospel so that I would be able to learn and live according to his plan. I have personally felt the presence of the Lord in my life He has always been there for me in times of joy, and in times of sorrow, I know that he will continue to love me no matter what I do. Heavenly Father loves all of his children that have lived on the earth and are currently living on the earth. He is no respecter of persons like what Peter testified to Cornelius the Centurion. He sent me on Earth at this time to do a great work on my mission in Salt Lake City, and I know that the temple is the connection to man between Heaven & Earth. I know that through the Atonement all of God's children can return to Him again, and become as Gods themselves if they are willing and chose to accept his plan for us. God is real and He is fully aware of all his children on the earth. He loves each & everyone of us, and respects us so much that he gave us the gift of agency to chose for ourselves how we can best learn from our own experiences. I know through Joseph Smith Jr., the true gospel has been restored from the days of Moses. I know that revelation is available to everyone. And I know that through Christ's selfless act of performing the atonement we can live with our Father in Heaven again. I sustain Thomas S. Monson as a current Prophet of God, and that he is the mouth piece for the Lord to speak to us here on the earth today in this dispensation. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday by trying to live the teachings of the gospel. I consider Jesus Christ to be one of my greatest role models. I am doing my best to read and learn from the scriptures everyday, and I plan to continue to do that. When I was in High School I went to Seminary for all 4 years. And I was a very avid Boy Scout. I served in many callings in my wards as a Home Teacher, Deacon, Priest, and when I was 19 I became an Elder. My Grand Father on my Dad's side has always been a good example to me of how to have faith in the Lord. He is the one who really sparked my interest in the Church, and is one of the reasons why I chose to be an active member. Another way how I live my faith is that I served as a full time missionary in the Family and Church History Headquarters Mission in Salt Lake City, Utah for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I started my mission on 5 April 2013 and finished 25 March 2015. The FCHH Mission is a very unique mission. It is the largest mission in the church with the smallest area to work in. With over 1,200 missionaries and over 80 full time young elders. Most missionaries go proselyting for the living by tracting, knocking on doors, preaching the gospel to non-members and inactive members, etc. On the Family & Church History Headquarters mission we are proselyting for the dead. For example we do family history work which is essential for those who didn't have the opportunity to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would also teach people LDS & non-LDS how to do genealogy. There are many departments on this mission, but the department that I served in was called World Wide Patron Services. We are on the 3rd floor in the West Wing of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The work that we do is very complex, and is heavily involved with computers so to keep it simple we are literally the tech support for the church. If someone calls with a problem we are the ones on the other end to help them out.