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Hi I'm Christian Taylor

I'm from Spanish Fork, Utah. I love many things. I'm a animator, runner, trumpet player, and I am going on a mission. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am interested in way too many things. I love any science from Biology to Physics, but Astronomy is definitely my favorite. I love nature and the beauty it never fails to show me. I love long distance running and will run anything from a 400 meter to a marathon. I love music, especially trailer music that tells story, I love to imitate it with my Trumpet, I was incredibly happy when I got to play a few of my favorite songs in marching band. I also love to animate, to create, and I get to make many graphics for SFCN(my job). I have incredible friends at MMHS that must care a lot for me if they have endured me this far.I enjoy making movies of every kind except those involving me being buried alive! I also like quotes and inspirational books(probably due to my coach). Speaking of books, I love to read. I like to draw, love to be around people(although i'm very socially awkward), and I love school. I like video games like Starcraft, Smash Bros, and Zelda. I love watching movies of all genres. I love food, especially Italian food. I like taking photographs, I like cats(even though i'm allergic), and like rats as pets. I like drive. I love to hike. I like to ride a bike. I like to climb. I love to dance(not for audiences, and I'm not good, just in time). I like to sing(only in choirs). I enjoy the challenge and the journey of becoming good at something. I like inspiring people and supporting friends. I like to make friends(don't ask me how, I am terrible at the art).

Why I am a Mormon

The fact that i'm a Mormon didn't just magically occur for me. Yes I was born into this religion, but that by no means makes me a Mormon. There were years where I just kind of went through the motions, did it because everyone else did so to speak. Then I decided to try it. Now i'm a very logical person, I am very much into science, and I like evidence. However, there is no real evidence that God exists. Instead of just falling away however, I thought many things that I could not see and had never detected on a instrument that I know are real. There are people telling me they everything is made up of things called atoms, I've never seen an atom, i've only been told of how others have detected them using technology. I am believing that something exists simply because someone says it does. I have never done any sort of experiment to prove that atoms are real. I have never experienced it for myself. It turns out there is solid evidence for atoms, but I figured to find something with not solid evidence, I would have to experience it for myself. So I looked at basic principals of the Gospel. They say if I pray, the lord will answer, they say if I follow the word of wisdom I will run and not be weary, and walk and not faint , and most of all that true joy comes from loving my fellow men. If this church is true, then the principles will work. So I tried them. I simply put my heart into the gospel, lived it with as much diligence that I could muster. I prayed. I followed. I served. The answer I got was unbelievable. every principle worked for me in some way or another exactly the way my church had taught. I have been answered. I lived the gospel, and it works! It works for me everyday in whatever I do, no more I pay attention the more I see it. Every single scripture and everything said by the prophet as the prophet has worked! There are many things I still don't understand about the gospel, but as my understanding grows I see it in my life, in a new light.

How I live my faith

The most enjoyable thing in my life is seeing others smile, seeing them laugh or enjoy life is my joy. So naturally I try to talk to people, to make them laugh, or enjoy their activities. Sometimes I will do random acts of service, just to see the looks on their faces. I personally believe that some of the most important types of service you can give is simply to friend somebody; something that I learned can completely change and brighten lives. This ecstatic attitude is what i believe got me into seminary council which is my church's way of teaching kids at a school during the school week. In this calling I am supposed to include others, get them excited about the church, and help facilitate learning. I'll admit I'm not the best at just talking to people, getting out of my comfort zone, but I am always excited to make people happy and promote works of good. Many times I make mistakes, living by my churches beliefs is far from easy, but I've come to see that as I live it I am far happier. The scriptures, old as they may be provide an insightful understanding of why I live the way I live and while I still get in fights with people or ignore others I am comforted by the fact that I progress every single day. I have come to join many different service groups in my city. We have a lot here, and although we don't always do the most efficient service, I have another opportunity to see people smile. Occasionally I get called to organize events for other youth in my church, the most recent being youth conference. This is where youth fourteen to eighteen years of age meet together to do many fun activities to become friends and to learn how to be better people, often times through basic principles of our church. The church trusts youth like me(with advisors of course) to create something innovative to help teach and create these relationships for the youth. This is great fun, and helps me learn much more about my church.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Christian Taylor
They will speak about the basic doctrines of our church and give you a general understanding of what Mormons believe as a whole. They will also give you a brief history of our church, where it comes from, and how it was restored. Show more Show less