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Hi I'm Sonrisa

My name means smile in spanish. I love making videos and being a mom. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have always loved performing, but mainly it was in front of our home video camera making movies with friends out in the fields behind our houses and making movies for school projects. My Dad would make movies with me with his super 8 camera growing up so it started way back when. It was a first love. I would sit in front of our tv and use 2 vcrs to hit record and play back on the other as my first make shift editing program. Fast forward 20 years, college, marriage and a lot of jobs, some at SeaWorld as an apprentice animal trainer, they all consisted of everything else but Video cameras but some amount of performing. Entertaining elderly was up there on my fun list for sure. After having my first little girl, I became excited to capture her personality. I now have 2 children who keep me busy being their mom, but I'm finding through them, my inner love to capture moments in motion is returning. Its funny how rooting yourself to the most important things brings more meaning to life and more understanding of who we are. Who I am. I often reflect what I can do with this love and possible ability to bless others besides just entertaining. Its something I hope I will be able to do and understand more, if not just in my small circle of friends, family and acquaintances here in California.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon today, right now, because I have had trials where even according to the worlds standards I should be entitled to be angry or let justice serve itself. But I have completely seen another side of compassion and forgiveness and love, to the point that I am on my knees just weeping at the thought of really how merciful the Lord is. When I have felt all was lost when everything had been taken from me, the Lord brought me to a place where I've begun to have a change of heart. My heart is healing, pain of the past begins to feel lighter, but of course not without my efforts in getting on my knees and praying. Finding time to read my scriptures, the Bible and Book of Mormon. I have found strength in going to church every sunday and feeling my burdens lifted. Serving those that I am with at home and at church. Even today I have felt again, the Lords love, change my heart and transform it. It feels free it feels light. Next month I will probably have a hard day, but I know that If I do my part, and ask for help, He answers. I know this because I have done it over and over. Not always with an answer, sometimes with a feeling or a helping friend. But comfort has always come in some way or another. I make my own decisions, I can feel the difference between things that give me light and understand and darkness. I have learned these things by experience, experiment, and over and over use. Every experience in my life is a stepping stone above the last one, building me a ladder I feel that has opened my mind to understand and feel a lot. In the end it brings me deep happiness, that has quenched any doubt or fear or trial I have had. It has changed me for the better when I could have been torn and broken.

How I live my faith

I have loved over the years working with children and youth at church every sunday. They definitely spark something inside me. Right now I work with the children from ages 2-11 as the singing teacher. I know nothing about music, but the lessons behind the music I am very passionate about. To me its a chance to perform in the way that Heavenly Father has given me strengths in and to learn more as well. I feel very strongly that the youth today are up against a lot. Pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol, same sex attraction, divorce, suicide, bullying, I have seen a lot of it personally. There's this deep feeling that I have inside to share what I feel so strongly in regards to who we really are as individuals before we came to earth and how we can continue that mission here on earth. To overcome our own individual trials with Heavenly Fathers help and prepare them to be courageous, to be different than the worlds standards. To really feel the Love of their Savior Jesus Christ enough to want to reach for everything good in life and step away from anything that lessens them from who they really are. To understand these things you have to feel them, and know them. Some of my greatest moments where I have felt my Saviors love is through music, through reading scriptures, from kneeling down and praying, from going to church every sunday despite trials, but knowing I just had to go. I have prayed to know things, I have stood alone when others chose to live differently. I have felt an intense sense of purpose and love in my heart and all over in all of these things that cause me to know what I feel. I have prayed, I have received answers to those prayers and I have been able to find hope and strength and happiness. This is the kind of joy if taught young will help young children and youth not forget their worth and who they really are when surrounded by everything that may surround them to live less than who they are. If I can have any part in that, I truly am happy.

Why do you have 12 Apostles? They were just meant to be around for the time of Jesus Christ, not to be replaced with new apostles.

In the Book of mormon, Mormon 9:9 "For do we not read that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and in him there is no variableness neither shadow of changing?" and Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. How wonderful to me, is that when I read about in times when Jesus was on earth and in the Americas and even today, that the Lord knows having organization, current revelation, is important. It happened in times of old, why wouldn't it happen in our day. Why wouldn't he feel that we needed the same kind of direction as back then. Surely we would need a foundation of apostles and prophets just as in times of old. It doesn't matter how many times or way or designs you build a house, you have to have a foundation. That foundation is the same in that it holds up its house. Without it the house would fall. Its the very first things that is built. So to it is with apostles and prophets. Im So grateful for General Conference where every 6 months I can hear them speak and give me guidance and direction for my time. The topics are always needful and have always given me guidance, strength and peace. I feel the Lords love and spirit through them, and their testimonies of what they know to be true. Show more Show less