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Hi I'm Randy

I'm a husband, father, opa, investor, author, drummer and a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the Bay Area of California. The universe revolved around my hometown, waterskiing and rock 'n roll. Marrying a girl from Iowa was something I never imagined was part of my future. I didn't really imagine a future other than wanting to live abroad and speak other languages. When I was called as a Mormon missionary to serve in Sweden, I barely knew it was a country and couldn't get there fast enough. I loved my childhood that preceded it but I struggled with insecurity. I wanted a fresh start that two years abroad among strangers would offer me. Those two years set a course that changed everything. I met Carolyn in a Swedish literature class at BYU. We married and moved to Europe and lived there 5 of the next 7 years. We speak Swedish and German and never imagined moving back to Utah after college. But we're surrounded by mountains and Mormons now. We give our children access to other lives so we have hosted many exchange students. Before our kids graduate high school, we send them abroad to learn another language and experience different aromas, sounds and art. At this writing seven of our eight children speak at least one other language. They also speak the language of music and are trained in classical piano.

Why I am a Mormon

At some point in my life I had to make a choice about my parents' religion. As is customary, I was baptized at 8 years of age and for the next 11 years I challenged my parents' beliefs and what I believed. It became easy to coast in life and assign the teachings in my home and church to culture and tradition. My religion had become a mere checklist of do's and don'ts with no sustainable power beyond modified behavior. I've since come to discover a depth and breadth to what I believe and I find daily purpose because of it. I've come to believe Deity designed a world to provide us answers and unlock its bounty. I believe we are all born with a divine spark called the Light of Christ. Many of us haven't considered this because of our environment. Or we may suspect there's something more for our lives. I believe also in a God that sent His son, the Creator of the universe, to inhabit a body in Bethlehem. Scripture records how Jesus walked out of a desert and from obscurity to heal hundreds, perhaps thousands, from physical, spiritual and mental trauma. It's also recorded He raised a beloved friend from death as well as a daughter of a man named Jairus. These miracles were performed under no condition, no transaction, no exchange. Even weak or no belief was met with Great Love and healing. I am a Mormon because of my study of Christ and my years of questioning and meditating on my beliefs.

How I live my faith

The life of a Mormon is a high bar of healthy behavior. Although not unusual today, tobacco and alcohol exclusion and clean language are well-known Mormon standards. More challenging for me is the pursuit of kindness and interest in humanity. My mother taught the most important person in the world is the one I'm with. Like most Mormons, I serve in my congregation and twice a week I volunteer as a missionary in an addiction recovery program. But outside these buildings I struggle with authentic acknowledgment of the person behind me or the checkout clerk in front of me. Or with human acknowledgment of the guy half-way across the world who just called about something not relevant or interesting to me. When asked to volunteer serving others, a first impulse at times is to scan my memory or calendar for conflicts. Thanks to an amazing wife who has no such thoughts, I'm able to see the joy she brings others because of her cheery willingness to usually drop anything and step in. Being a Mormon, and her husband, is happiness and makes me a better man and neighbor, struggle and all.