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Hi I'm Brooklyn

I live in a beautiful place called Washington. I'm a high school graduate and soon-to-be full time missionary. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Living in the Pacific Northwest, most people complain about the rain. But I love everything about this corner of the world. I love the rain, and trees, the rocky beaches and beautiful mountains. Throughout my life, this place will always be my home. Being the third of six kids growing up there was always a lot going on, but to me it was perfect. I adore my family. As for myself, I was born in the summer of 1995. I still haven't completely figured out my life, but here are a few things I do know... There's almost never a time when I'm not singing, playing piano, dancing to music, or thinking about the lyrics to my new favorite song. Singing is a gift I've been blessed with, and I love sharing that gift with others. I'm very passionate about good literature and writing, although I'm not an expert at either. I write mostly for myself as a hobby, almost always beginning with the words 'Dear Journal'. But it is writing, nonetheless. Leadership and entrepreneurship also excite me! Throughout school and church, there have always been opportunities to access my creativity, learn how to interact with people, and public speak. I can see my future being directed towards career paths that would apply these skills, but hey, I'm still young. I have to add that I spend way to much time on social media, or this wouldn't be accurate. My next adventure is serving as a sister missionary on the other side of the world. My life is richly blessed, and I thank God for it every day.

Why I am a Mormon

Most people assume I'm a Mormon because my parents were Mormon, and their parents were Mormon, and it's a never ending cycle of Mormons. What I've come to learn about assumptions is that they're generally incorrect- as is this case. The first few years, this may be true. My parents made me go to church with them on Sunday mornings, despite my detest and toddler tantrums. Even sometimes despite my dramatic pre-teen 'sick' spells. And I'm glad they did, because there came a point in my life where going to church was no longer a nuisance. It was actually a relief. Church was a place of sanctuary and comfort, away from the storms of life. A place of acceptance. Not somewhere to relax and avoid responsibility, but rather a place where I could learn and apply, test my faith, and worship with others like me. I loved it. Nowadays I would more likely fake being well, rather than be sick and stay home on Sunday morning. The difference came from knowing God loves me and has provided the gospel because He wants me to be happy. As soon as I realized that, I was sold. It came at a time before the relief and after the pre-teen nonsense. When my parents beliefs were no longer enough. They say the best way to learn something is to immerse yourself in it. Want to learn French? Go to France! That's exactly what I did- well not the going to France part, but I started actively participating in church. I started reading thee Book of Mormon and Bible. I learned more about God's plan of happiness, and my life spiraled into the happiest years I'd known. Years of progress and service and growth. I finally could say that I knew that what they taught every Sunday was true, because I could feel God's approval as I lived these principles every day of my life. I feel that same approval and love as I try my best to live my life in accordance to His commandments and teachings. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has the true gospel. I know it-- and that's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Many people think that living your faith ends when you walk out of the door of the church building on Sunday afternoon, but it doesn't. From a time I can barely remember to where I stand as a young adult, religion has always been about the way you live, and not what you know. My parents were prime examples of this, and taught me to always be kind and loving to those around me. Taking our next door neighbor her mail, because she was too frail to get out of the house. Befriending the new kid at school, or talking to the kid who has been lonely for years. Recently, I've been able to live my faith by going out with the missionaries and helping them teach those who are interested in learning more about Jesus Christ's gospel. As you grow, the challenges to live your faith increase as your piers become more diverse and you have more independence. Regardless, continuing to live up to standards I set for myself and avoid the adversity that comes as I've grown has been essential for my personal growth and faith in my Savior's plan for me. Living my faith has been easier as I've learned about Jesus Christ, and the roll He plays in my life every day and forever. As a kid, I sang a song I have always remembered: "I'm trying to be like Jesus, I'm following in His ways. I'm trying to love as He did in all that I do and say". As Christians, this is the goal. I grew up singing it, and have learned the importance of this principle. I'm trying to be like Jesus Christ! A goal of that magnitude cannot simply be left in the church house for the six 'other' days of the week.