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Hi I'm Joe'E

I am an artist and student. I'm dyslexic. I'm an introvert. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an artist, I am a student, and I am dyslexic. Despite having a learning disability, I found I loved schooling, specifically in the fine arts and I've made it through 3 years of college thus far. My passion and devotion is directed in the creating of figurative sculpture and drawing with work occasionally in painting and other mediums. I'm an introvert by nature and am easily overwhelmed by loud noises and large crowds, but I hate being alone. I thrive off of deep personal conversations and connecting with people one-on-one. My daily goal in life is to find beauty, whether it's in the sunset, in the quiet, or in the personalities of people I meet and associate with. I am interested in non traditional, natural forms of healing. I love studying and learning and anything that brings me peace or makes me a better person ie. music, hiking, travel etc.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in a loving, beautiful LDS family and I have been an active member my entire life. Because of this, I have been accused (on many occasions) of not having a testimony of my own, or not having the opertunity to choose for myself what I believe in because I was raised Mormon and therefore must be "brainwashed". Through much though and consideration on these comments, I came to the following conclusion: I, of my own accord, studied and searched this religion on a daily basis and found, through my own personal experiences, that it was the most beautiful, most fulfilling and satisfying of any other experience I have had in my short lifetime. I am given a daily goal of being the very best person that I can be through the example of Jesus Christ. If that is not a good enough reason to continue to follow these teachings then consider that I feel the constant love of my Heavenly Father, and direction and motivation for the choices in my life. When the people around me failed me, when I felt abandoned and fell into depression, I found God. I cannot deny that, nor would I want to.

How I live my faith

Conversion is a daily practice, as stated by Elder David A. Bednar. I study the doctrines of Christ and his living prophets each and every day of my life, faithfully attending Church once a week and striving to keep the directed commandments of God. Though it is important for me to study the word of God I also find it absolutely essential to share God's light with others. Share. Not force. The love that I have received from God helps me to love others, care about them and restricts judgement on my part. Service is incredibly important in the living of my faith. It doesn't even have to be anything big. I choose to live a higher life by refraining from crude language, drugs and alcohol, tea and coffee and any other substance, food or drink wise, that is unhealthy for my body, as well as choosing to live a morally clean lifestyle. I have been ridiculed and judged for these decisions. I have been compelled to "let loose", told that I "wasn't really living", and nearly lost one of the most meaningful relationships I've ever had because of judgement on these matters. Despite that, my love for the people in my life has never ceased and I find constant encouragement to love and serve those around me. My reaction to this ridicule has been what saved many of my friendships and relationships.