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Hi I'm Christian Dalton

I'm a sports fanatic, I ran track and Polve Vaulted in high school, I enjoy some good music, I'm a missionary, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello everyone! Currently I am missionary serving in the Tokyo South Japan mission. I came on a mission right after high school and that was the best decision I've ever made. I love my mission and I love being a missionary. While in high school I ran varsity track and cross country (Pole-Vaulting, 800, One Mile, Two Mile, and 5K). I love to write music and play guitar and piano (although I'm still working on the instruments. Haha). Music is my outlet for all my stress so I write about anything and everything. I have yet to find a sport I don't love to play, but I particularly enjoy watching football and basketball. Extreme Sports are pretty fun as well. I've done activities from cliff diving, free climbing, skiing of cliffs, free diving, etc. I do enjoy the outdoors, I find it relaxing. I'm also a very competitive person and I hate losing at anything, so if you make it competitive it's fun as well. Ive also found I like politics. I have done Political internships for Mayoral Candidates, and I was able to be a youth ambassador in Japan before my mission. It's cool to be back as a missionary this time. I am the oldest of 6, which is amazing. I love all my siblings. I love to hang out with friends and go out on double dates (temporary on hold while I am on a mission). Haha. I believe life is meant to be full of both fun and joy.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because of the peace, joy and sense of direction it brings into my life. Through the teachings of Jesus Christ and through Jesus Christ's atonement I've been able to continually change and become a better person. God gave us the gospel so we can have more peace and joy in our life and most importantly so that we could become better people and grow closer to Him. The Gospel is set up to help bad people become good and good people become better. It also provides us with a map to help us know what brings happiness and helps us learn how to avoid sin. God created this church and through it we can build a personal relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful to have the knowledge of God and His Plan. I need God in my life and through His Church I have found Him. I have learned that relying on God is the only way to happiness that never fades away. Because of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints teachings I have become better person and a happier person.

How I live my faith

I believe my faith affects everything I do in my life. In every situation I am in I do my best to live my church's teachings because they are principles I know to be true. I find that as I do this, these things that make me different from my friends turns into a form of respect. I guess one life experience that expresses this well happened while I was in high school. As a member of the church we choose not to watch R rated movies. During high school a teacher sent home a permission slip requesting permission to watch an R rated movie. I told my teacher before I even brought it home that it wasn't going to get signed because I made the personal decision not to watch R movies. That teacher got a little upset with me and I honestly felt alone in that moment. But I stuck to what I believed and I spent the class period in the hall while the my class watched the movie. Then a week later a different teacher did the same thing! Once again I was given a permission split to bring home! My first though was "oh! Come on! Really?!?" But I went up to this teacher and explained my beliefs and why I wouldn't watch it, just like the first time. However this teacher responded very differently. He thought it was neat to see people follow standards they had chosen to live by. That teacher praised my effort and always respected and stood by my decisions as a member of the church. I still have a good relationship with that teacher, even though I've graduated high school. I have a lot of respect for him and for who he is not only as a teacher but as a person. But I know as we live our standards in everything we do, we will find opportunities to share our beliefs and we will be blessed in our lives.

What is faith?

Christian Dalton
Faith is having hope that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Our Redeemer. We can gain faith by putting Gods commandments to the test. "Faith without works is dead"-James 2:20. As we follow the commandments (works) we will receive faith. Show more Show less