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Hi I'm Simon Li

I'm a musician, an engineer, an Eagle Scout, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Imagine an Eggo waffle Ice Cream Sandwich. It's amazing, and completely on my mind. I'm Elder Simon Li, and I love food. I like finishing my plate, and I hate wasting and leftovers. I love my mother's cooking, and she always cooked, so I always eat. ( There is an eternal truth, and that is my mom's cooking is the best because she's always getting better. no doubt, will demolish your great-grandma's secret sunday dinner. Try me. ) Anyways, I love cooking! Too bad I didn't learn everything from my mom before I left home, but Ma's gotta have her secrets. I do learn to cook from my missionary companions. I am in the Oakland/San Francisco Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I am a witness of Jesus Christ. My faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ has only come from asking God, and it is the strongest shield and protection against all that is bad and unwanted in this world. Except Hunger, nothing can stop hunger except food. Oh wait, The son of God is living Bread and Water. We can have complete trust in him and in his teachings, which inspire all to come together with him and God. I am a seeker of talents and truths. I love to learn and hope to attend college after my 2 yr mission. I want to learn so many things, but above it all, I don't want to get hurt. Which doesn't stop me from throwing knifes or going mountain biking, it just means I gotta learn how to do things without getting hurt. And I will ask for help if I mess up, and I do.

Why I am a Mormon

I chose to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because it teaches me to understand my life in such a progressive and loving way, that the happiness I feel from knowing that wipes away any sadness, questioning, or discomfort that the world given me. I know that the teachings of my church have changed me to love and care for others in a way that I would have never known possible, even defying logic. How could someone love another for such a terrible crime, or ignore an insult and still love. I see it only through the church

How I live my faith

I think we are all amazing people who have had amazing, unbelievable experiences that no one else could ever imagine because they are such impossible things. I also know that even though we felt and experienced all those things for ourselves, we tend to forget those experiences. No matter what we feel or think, we need to keep having those experiences, cause time wears off fast. Serving each other, and doing what is good are monuments in time that build us into the future. I don't remember all the good that I've done in my life, or even the last year, but it was good. From growing up in a good family where right and wrong were explained and discussed, I learned from my parents what is GOOD. Acting in courage to do what is right and will always be right has done more for me than dreaming about doing good. I dreamed so much of being a great guy for some future gal, but I've watched myself fall short of that in just thinking. Now doing has pushed me beyond my intelligence. In a family centered on service, I could give my heart to enough people to see myself in them, and that is the wisdom of the family of God. My parents are amazing people; they weren't born in perfection, but they sure are heading towards it. My mother and father have diligently raised 5 kids with love and a spirit of teaching. It was in no way perfect, but we should never demand perfection in this life; it ain't comin'. But they grew in knowledge, little by little, child by child. They know they are such parents because of the guidance they've recieved through the Restored teachings and Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no doubt that they had no idea of the generation they raised in their own time, and still have yet to realize the good they do now, but the thing they do know to have instilled in their kids is service.