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Hi I'm Jesse

I have been home schooled since the 5th grade. I like to make music and art, along with some stories. I'm a true blue Mormon.

About Me

To put simply, I'm a nerd. I love watching cartoons (and anime), I play video games, I make music and I draw comics. More often than not, I write stories. My hobby; put these stories in different forms of media. As a person, though, I'm really quiet. Yeah, I'll smile and say "hello", but I can't keep a conversation on for long, unless it's something I'm really into. But when it comes down to my faith, I speak often. I love talking about Jesus, about religion, and just all sorts of things. I'm preparing to go to college, but I intend to go on a mission first. Afterwards, I'll go to BYU Idaho. There, I'll gain more knowledge on how to share my stories and to become a better speaker, if I'm not by the time I'm back from my mission. I don't like talking about myself much, but if there is anything you want to know about me, I'll answer.

Why I am a Mormon

To be honest, there was a time when I didn't care. I didn't care about the Church, Jesus, or just people in general. I was born into the church and taught everyday on what it means to be Christian. For a while, as a little child, I just went with the program. I didn't learn much. I kept to myself and tried my best to be a good little boy. I suppose back then I did care, but once I got older, that changed. I hurt people, I told them that they were wasting their time. I interrupted classes quite often. I would make hurtful jokes about people and make them known. I would yell against God and say awful things. I even did certain things that would make some people cringe. I made it worse by saying that I was a good Christian. I was no example, obviously. But all of a sudden, something clicked. I can't explain the situation, nor do I remember what happened. I'm not sure if it was the people of the Church, my family, some friends, or if it was Jesus Himself that intervened with my actions. But my cruel actions came to a halt. I felt the pains of others that I have caused. I saw my wicked doings. I really couldn't bare it. I prayed and asked God to forgive me and all that I have done. At that moment, my pain vanished. I felt like a new person. Ever since then, I have learned what God wants me to do and I always do it for Him. So, why am I a Mormon? Because I have felt God's presence, the Holy Spirit. I felt the Holy Ghost confirm that this church is true, that the Book of Mormon is true, even that Joseph Smith who translated it; I believe he is a Prophet of God. And if it's all true, then I should change the question a little: why wouldn't I be a Mormon?

How I live my faith

In my little church ward, I serve two callings from the Lord. I am an assistant to the Bishop and I'm a ward missionary. Being technical, I'm a social media missionary, but my bishop told me it was pretty much the same thing. As an assistant to the Bishop, I help organize some meetings for the young men in the church. Sometimes, I get teach them. But more often than not, I stay by the Bishop's side and do what is asked of me. I really like to serve the people in the church. I'm also a social media missionary, which means it's my task to go on all sorts of different websites and speak to people about the Church. I get to answer questions and aid others when they are in need of help. I mostly just get to make posts about certain things we believe in. With this calling, I'm also a ward missionary. This means I get to help others around the church. I get to go with other missionaries and serve with them. I'm also a priest for the Church. This comes with a lot of responsibilities. But that's okay with me; it just means that God trusts me. With that in mind, I like to do a lot of things for Him and His people. I would love to talk more about this, so if you have any questions, I would like to hear them and maybe provide my best answers.